How to Pray to God Effectively | 10 Tips to Receive Help

Prayer is the easiest and most effective way to feel the power of God.

Prayer makes one stay more composed, focused, and peaceful in life.

But, you wonder what prayer is and how to do it.

Though few of them know how to pray to god, some believe that it is just going to a temple, church, or mosque and performing rituals to the lord?

Also, some consider it is just going out and sitting in silence or going for loud verbal utterances.

But in reality, it is just talking to God directly and asking for help or sharing your sorrow with him.

Many people who go to all these places have an intention to pray to the lord.  But very few are aware of what prayer is?

As per Bible, Jesus says that one can pray to the lord from anywhere at any time. And there is no need to go to the church or any other place of worship to do so.

So the question then comes what prayer is and how to pray to god.

In most religions, prayer is taught to an individual since childhood at his home, during schooling, in the family, etc.

To many, these prayers are a routine to keep them fit for daily responsibilities or a way of upholding their religion.

But prayer is an easy solution for our spiritual growth & peace of mind.

So What is prayer?

I am not a religious guru or spiritual teacher, but from my experience, I believe that

Prayer is direct communication with the almighty by the devoted one.

That is only the one who prays, talk to almighty while there is no voice or words from the lord in return.

How to Pray Effectively to God

  1. Develop a Firm belief
  2. Appreciate his creation
  3. Talk to him
  4. Be clean & calm
  5. Go to a lonely place or any place of worship
  6. Have something to ask for
  7. Hold your hands near to your heart or close your palms.
  8. Close your eyes, preferably
  9. Have a picture or idol of your deity
  10. Pray in a group or with family
  11. Promise to offer something in return.

1. Develop a Firm belief

Prayer starts with a belief in god. If one does not believe in God, he cannot pray. So first, build up a firm belief in god.

You can do this by spiritual reading, listening to other’s stories.

You can even test god for something to build a strong belief.

Once you develop the belief in God, it is easy to pray to god. The more you believe, the more often you tend to pray to him.

2. Appreciate his creation

The world around us is so beautiful and magnificent. If you observe carefully, you will be amazed and start wondering at God’s marvelous creation.

This will enhance your respect and belief towards him and help you devote yourself better.

3. Talk to him

Prayer is conveying yourself to god.

How to Pray effectively | Be clean and calm

This is just like a kid talk to himself while playing alone; here, you have to talk to god. But what you talk about includes asking for forgiveness or confessing him something. You can also tell him how you feel about something in the day you came across. This communication is one-way communication and is only possible if you believe in his presence.

4. Be clean & calm

Prayer makes one feel holy, pure, pious, and pleasant. So, being clean helps you achieve the feel faster. See that you had your bath, wear clean clothes, and stay in a cleaner place for prayer. Besides, try to be calm by heart and select a calm place. Being silent and calm helps one achieve intensity in prayer. Those looking at you may be amused at your behavior. Still, try to pray with intensity in a calm posture.

5. Go to a lonely place or any place of worship

During prayer, it is good to avoid distractions. Thus, one can opt to pray in a lonely place like at home in a personal room, roof, etc.

Also, one can go to places of worship like temples, churches, etc.

Since people present in these places also have the same devotion to god, you can easily achieve the intensity in prayer.

How to pray to god effectively | in lonely place

6. Have something to ask for

Prayer can be regular and with much intensity, if you have something to ask for.

As a student, I used to ask for a particular level of the highest score in exams with sincerity.

This enhanced the intensity and also m determination to study well. I was regular and also committed in the school. Finally, I was a topper in the batch and it was possible because I asked for it.

7. Hold your hands near to your heart or close your palms.

How to Pray to god

Praying with folded hand and placing your hand at your heart will intensify your love for God and enhance the prayer. So always fold your hands near to your heart and face for better prayer.

8. Close your eyes, preferably

During prayer, it is good to close your eyes as it will prevent distractions. Also, your mind can be blank with closed eyes enhancing your focus on prayer.

9. Have a picture or idol of your deity

Pray before your favorite god in the form of a picture or idol. This will help you feel his presence before you and also perform the prayer better.

10. Pray in a group or with family

Praying in a group or with your family or parents helps you more. It will enhance the desire to achieve the ones you ask for.

Further, the family will stay focused on the issue you asked for and also, you will be more regular for prayers as other members of the family.

11. Promise to donate something in return

Prayer for most of us will involve asking for a desire to happen.

And for those who pray, definitely, God will bless you with the desire.

But, as a sense of gratitude, you need to offer back something. This you can do by promising to offer something in return.

This will help pray with confidence and also with commitment.
Prayer is one of the simplest and effective means to feel the power of God.
By doing it regularly, one can feel better, secure, more confident, and achieve success in life.
It also helps you stay on the right path in life without getting addicted to drugs or substances, as it gives you relief in times of stress.

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