How to Overcome Fear of Death | 7 Practical Methods to Follow

Fear of death is also called thanatophobia.

One tends to experience the fear of death due to the death of family members, personal grief, health issues, etc.

Below are methods on how to overcome the fear of death naturally

  1. Wearing a Rudraksha bead.
  2. Chanting longevity mantras
  3. Taking care of health.
  4. Live with family
  5. Get married if required.
  6. Avoid a solitary life.
  7. Get into social service.

It has a negative effect on the quality of life due to anxiety and stress. I, too, sometimes faced it, and it can be overcome with the above methods.

How to Overcome Fear of Death

Wearing a Rudraksha bead.

As per Hinduism, Lord Shiva is the god of destruction. And one faces death; only lord shiva can rescue him.

rudraksha beads to overcome fear of death
  • Rudraksha is a bead that is said to be the eye drops of lord Shiva. It is said to impart peace of mind and positive energy in the wearer.
  • I, too, started wearing one and find it to be true. To overcome the fear or anxiety of death, wear a genuine rudraksha, and just recite lord Shiva’s name thrice once a day.
  • You will be relieved of this anxiety and any other fears for sure.

See the details on how to wear a rudraksha.

Chanting longevity mantras

  • If you have a health issue or other sorts of a threat, then there is very much a chance of fear of death.
  • In such a case, the best way to regain health and lose death fears is to recite Shiva’s longevity mantra.

Om trayambakam yaja mate.

  • This mantra is so powerful, and if you have any sort of problem, this mantra chant will help you overcome it with ease.

Taking care of health.

  • Health is very important for better life and longevity.
  • If you lose health, the chances of death are more. So one should keep up good health at all times.
  • We tend to be negligent of health during of younger age.
  • But, instead, we need to be cautious of our health since childhood.
  • The chances of fear of death are minimal for those with sound health.

Live with family

  • The family members take care of each other in terms of physical, mental health, well-being, and comfortable life.
  • So, to live a long and happy life without fear, try to have a family.
  • Generally, fear or anxiety tends to emerge out of day-to-day situations.
  • But, family members try to understand your problems, console you to give you sufficient strength.
  • This helps you come out of the problems without fear.

Get married if required.

getting married a simple method on  How to Overcome Fear of Death
  • Marriage is one issue people have different opinions. Some wish to get married while others do not want to.
  • But, unless you are living a life of spirituality giving up worldly pleasures, I believe it is important to get married.
  • Marriage is a foundation for family and a better life.
  • If one gets married and makes it successful, it will, in turn, make your life more meaningful and prosperous.

In fact, you will be giving a chance for others to live well in life.

Avoid a solitary life and get into the company of people.

  • We tend to be alone and leading a solitary life when we are tensed or anxious.
  • This situation further enhances the fear of death.
  • During such times, it is important to get into a company of people.
  • Living with other like-minded people greatly helps us to relieve personal stress.
  • They can help in life to a great extent by letting you know your position and condition in life.

You will share your problems with them, or you will know their problems. You will feel that your problems are manageable and become more confident.

Get in social service.

  • Social service is selfless service to others.
  • Doing it will help you elevate your mood and positive feel. You will be less fearful of death and also get busy in life activities.
  • Life is like a bubble, and no one knows when their bubble would burst.
  • Everyone around is also unaware of when they would die.
  • But, they are least worried about it and keep on moving in life as if they will stay for long.
  • So, if you are into fear of death, remember many others could also die even before you.

Hence, it is just an anxious feel and nothing else. Try to follow the above tips, and you will definitely be out of fear of death.

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