10 Best Tips to maintain healthy relationships

Relationships are the most sensitive elements of human life as they are linked to emotional harmony and success in life.

This is one of the prime aspects which differs humans from animals.

A person without money may or may not be happy, but a person with good relationships will be happy even if he lacks money.

I once read a quote which says

“Count your wealth by the number of friends &  Count your success by smiles.”

This simple quote has a life of understanding for all of us.

Relationships among humans are many, and they define the life of a person to a great deal. One with good relations is more satisfied than those without good relationships.

The relationships vary from friends, parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, aunts, co-workers, and many more.

The more the relationships, the easier a task is done, and also there is good control of things around. It saves time and personal stress to get work done is minimized when done using some relations or contacts.

How to maintain healthy relationships
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So many people like to maintain relationships.

Interestingly these relationships sometimes cause intense pain and agony. But still many do not like to live without relationships. Maybe for fear of survival or to avoid the feeling of loneliness.

Human is a social animal, and so he cannot live without relationships.

Relationships are made for familial support, residential support, career support, physical requirements, to hang out, to share knowledge, financial assistance in times of need, etc.

Advantages of healthy relationships:

  1. One can have a feeling of belonging to and avoid loneliness.
  2. Help get tasks done easily due to sharing.
  3. Gives mental support if the relationship is a family member.
  4. There will be someone to look after in times of sickness or trouble.
  5. Sharing of knowledge and important information that might help in growth financially or career-wise.
  6. Getting honest suggestions and guidance in times of need.
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How to maintain healthy relationships:

It is a tough question for anyone to give a practical answer to it. Because almost everyone has some flaws in relationships somewhere or other. I presume it is a god’s gift and may be learned by practice. But yet there are some points that can help us maintain healthy relationships.

1. Greetings or wishes: This is a courteous way to build and maintain relationships. Even if there is animosity or friction with someone if you wish them good morning (or namaste- for Hindus or greet them as hai, hello, etc. then the things turn around, and the friction disappears gradually.

2. Avoid ego- focus on the task: This is where most relations breakup and even get worse. There are instances where someone might show up his ego or use some improper words to address. This might be casual at times, and one should not focus on casual issues and break the relationships. Instead, think of what work or task is needed to get done from the said person and go ahead. Then once the task is done together, you will feel the happiness of the task accomplished.

Many people break relationships by the above issue, instead of focusing on the task, they focus on the person or his ego. The reality is every person behaves in some absurd way sometimes due to situations or circumstances around, and he also changes with them.

3. Avoid hesitancy: Hesitancy is the biggest obstacle to build relationships. Because of it, a good person might seem to be an egoist or reckless person in the eyes of others. So overcome hesitancy and try to speak out or say what you fee. Try to do what you feel inside without hesitating.

4. Improve Communication: Our communication should be pleasant, friendly pleasing and it mostly comes from genes, i.e., from genetic trait sometimes in practice.

If you don’t agree with me, then think of you or your friends.

  • There will be some who can communicate well with girls, and he has good friends among girls but cannot do so with boys or vice verse.
  • There will be who has many friends, and everyone likes him. Can it be in his shoes? No again it comes to that guy’s character, behavior. But this guy cannot even make a single girlfriend all his life.
  • There are some who are not liked by anyone else. But he might have a good family, honest girlfriend or spouse, etc.
  • You might find some guy who helps everyone if asked for, without even expecting favor back. But do you know such guys repent a lot because he has no friends who can help him during need?
  • You might also see some girls who are attractive and have no permanent friends at all. They weep bitterly to keep up or maintain friends. But still, they keep losing old friends.

If you agree with these traits among people, then you might understand how we communicate, the timing of our communication, behavior during communication, etc. play many roles in building healthy relationships.

5. Personality: This is inborn and mostly one cannot change it in his lifetime. But who knows if one puts the effort it can.

  • I have noticed some guys who don’t talk to anyone but people always try to talk to him or be nice to him or her. Even they do not spread negative remarks about him.
  • Some guys do not talk to anyone keep minding their business but, yet people do not talk to them unless approached by the guy and further they spread unwanted negative remarks about them.
  • There are many famous comedians around the world. People start laughing or smiling at just seeing their faces even. But in real life, these people are more severe and less human-friendly. They also have enemies and people jealous of them.
  • There is yet another type of person who keep good growth in career. They speak only just for impressing others or to have a good rapport around them. But in fact, they will never help others and try to think good of others. But yet you might have seen many people like these guys.

6.Growth in career or life: This is simple as such, and people maintain good relations with you if you are successful, happy, and making good money or have power, etc. So you must grow up your family, friends circle, pose as if you are very happy, enjoying, get some power position, etc. Not a cup of coffee for everyone.

court:Simon Howden
court: Simon Howden

Other Simple tips to maintain healthy relationships:

7. Keep communication with those whom you work with or who seem to like you.

8. Send wishes, greeting, etc. Invite to parties, attend marriages or any celebration in your friend’s home.

9. Care you dear and near ones. Help them with their work, inquire about their happiness, progress, etc. be sincere in your talk and behavior. Though you might be disappointed by some, still you will win the game.

But at the end of the day keep being successful.

If not, even a favorite horse will be left off when it is old and unable to perform any work.

So keep working for your progress.

Best relation to a building is with yourself, your work, parents, family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, etc. with priority in a descending way.

Always remember:

10. You cannot be kind to everyone in this world. In trying to be kind to everyone you will lose yourself and your identity. So it is good to have a few good friends than hundreds of useless ones.

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  1. Excellent tips for good relationship Bheem. In this fast paced world everyone is focused on self. What is the use of money,success or fame if you do not have good relationship with your near and dear ones. I think it is time everyone wakes up to the essence of loving and caring for others.

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