How to Grow Spiritually | 8 Essential Ways to Follow

Spiritual life is a very pleasant and peaceful method of lifestyle.

But due to so many distractions in our daily life, we tend to deviate from the path and fall back into worldly affairs.

So to keep up growing in the spiritual path one has to follow certain procedures. Without these, one can never grow spiritually. These include

1. Find a guru or teacher.

2. Adopt a spiritual attire

3. Attend spiritual gatherings.

4. Practice methods that enhance spiritual life.

5. Read spiritual books.

6. Holistic tours and pilgrimages.

7. Keep up good health

8. Involve in social service.

9. Have a company of spiritual people

10. Go for social service

The above-mentioned tips are time-tested and have been practiced by many aspirants in the past.

Remember the word of Jesus where he says that the path to god is very narrow and not all cannot pass.

And as per Shirdi sai baba, human life is very lucky to achieve and would be wasted if he does not try for spiritual progress.

Tips on How to Grow Spiritually

1. Find your teacher

The role of the teacher is quite irreplaceable in spiritual life. It would be difficult to find your spiritual teacher.

You cannot buy him or even find him unless you are very lucky. As per the book “Autobiography by a Yogi,” your heart will guess it when you find your teacher.

It just a matter of time and destiny that you will find him. A spiritual teacher can help you grow spiritually without the need for any of the other steps below.

Just with his enlightened soul he would lift you off these universal attachments and take you towards spiritual enlightenment unhindered.

2. Adopt a spiritual attire

In this aspect, some find it irrelevant. But, one is always conscious of his attire. So, keeping it spiritual will keep your consciousness towards it.

The attire does not mean you have to wear a vague or awkward dress. But instead, use a simple and regular dress.

Do not keep changing the designs or styles. Keep it simple and the same with little colors or plain colors. A white and white or something would be a good fit.

Besides, use spiritual ornaments like the rudraksha, yantra, and gemstones after consulting an astrologer.

You may feel it absurd, but these provide immense support for growth in spirituality.

3. Attend spiritual gatherings

How to Grow Spiritually | spiritual gathering

Spiritual gatherings are those where similar-minded people gather and perform rituals like singing in the name of god and other discussions.

Attending spiritual gatherings helps you to become more spiritual.

The confidence and belief in spirituality increase.
We also learn from other experiences and also acquire new friends who can guide us better.

4. Attend spiritual teachings or lectures.

Lectures by those who are achievers in the path are a great experience. We tend to gain their knowledge and also clarify doubts of god if any.

There is a difference between religious and spiritual lectures. And the spiritual lectures would be very rare as they are not sponsored.

Besides, the persons giving lectures also vary. Those who do it for money and those who do it without any expectation.

To be frank, those who are enlightened will not like to give a lecture unless you go to them and ask.

They also would not like to give it by taking the money and also to a large group as they know that it would be a waste.

5. Follow the spiritual methods of doing routine work.

This helps us to keep in touch with spirituality in everyday life. We can try to pray before eating.

Pray before going to bed and also in the morning etc. Prayer enhances our association with the invisible lord and also wisdom.

6. Try to meet other spiritual people around and discuss them.

In every region, there would few people who tend to be on the same path as us.

So being in touch with them would help us overcome any problems and move on the path smoothly.

7. Read books on spirituality.

How to Grow Spiritually

Spiritual reading involves reading books on spirituality. Books of spiritual writings add a great value to knowledge when reading.

Also, they can be used in our free time to move on the path.

Subscribe to spiritual weekly or monthly related to spirituality and devotion. There are few publications especially focusing on spiritual life.

Reading them would help us keep in touch and move ahead in spirituality.

8. Go on a spiritual pilgrimage

This is another form where we travel to places of spiritual importance. This relieves daily stress and also brings some fun and joy.

It also brings us in touch with many new things we are not aware of in the spiritual path.

A spiritual pilgrimage is one of the best ways to learn a lot on the spiritual journey.

9. Keep good health

How to Grow Spiritually

Good health is very important to move on the difficult path of spirituality.

One can keep good health through yoga, meditation, and a proper diet.

Hence, sages of the past who spent most of their time in one place either chanting or meditating discovered yoga to keep up their health.

10. Follow some restrictions

This includes fasting, not going to the club or etc., on certain days, etc.

This type of restriction will train our minds to focus more on the path.

Also, it helps us develop control over ourselves and improves our physical and mental health.

11. Social service

Doing some help to others enhances our spiritual curiosity as we become happier due to selfless service.

As there is a saying service to mankind is service to god.

Since every living being has a spiritual essence, it is a great service to help those humans or animals in pain.
Also having the pics of gods, saints, etc., would also keep our memory fixed and work towards it.

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