11 Tips for peace of mind | Both Short and Long term

Peace of mind is the most wonderful virtue in the present world.

The rise in the number of people going on tours, pilgrimages, and churches shows the intensity of peace of mind.

Mind peace is a self-practice and not one that can be brought from outside. It requires consistent efforts and behavior to achieve that state.

Loss of mental peace leads to stress and thereby health problems.

For those who are involved in busy jobs, careers, or other works, a peaceful mind is very important to sleep well.

Those with perfect peace, keep themselves mentally and physically fit and also perform well in their careers.

So below are a few tips for the purpose.

How to get peace of mind

One can get mind peace through effort. But, if you are lazy then opt of genius wave instead of below methods to have mind peace.

1) Visit a temple or religius place

Woman offering prayer with incense sticks
Clean and silent holy sites give a sense of peace
  • This is an instant effective technique to get a peaceful state of mind.
  • Even if you are not spiritual or have heavy schedules, still try to make an effort.
  • Freshen up yourself and based on your interest you can go to a nearby holy place and spend some time.
  • These are the places where even people around will be with a composed and peaceful mind.
  • So you will be relieved a bit instantly due to the atmosphere there. If you pray it will further better and more peaceful.

2) Do some nonprofit works (provide free service)

  • Every day we work for profits, and we may have suffered stress and anxiety.
  • Try doing some nonprofit work like taking care of others or providing something for free to the needy people around.
  • You will experience a sense of peace and happiness.

3) Prayer

  • Prayer is a way of communication with god. You will be asking for help and offering greetings.
  • It is a powerful and easiest way to attain peace on an immediate basis.
  • Further, it has no restrictions on time, place, and other requirements except a genuine heart to pray.
  • So one can do prayer anywhere for a pleasant mind like on a journey, workplace, etc.

4) Meditation

Woman in meditation
Guided Meditation help gain peace
  • This is a holistic practice meant to bring peace to the whole the body
  • Practicing guided meditation lets one have every cell of their body to destress.
  • It stops negative thoughts, relieves mental stress, rejuvenates the mind and strengthens concentration.
  • For this one needs to sit comfortably in the proper place and go for meditation either in the early mornings or evening.

5) Practice Deep breathing yoga

Pranayam pose of slow breathing to calm mind.
Yoga breathing practice
  • Breathing is the only process that is a physical means to regulate the mind and thoughts.
  • Different breathing techniques in yoga help regulate the mind and destress it even in case of severe anxiety or mental stress.
  • It normalizes the body’s physiology like breathing, heartbeat, and blood pressure and gives sufficient peace of mind.
  • But for a first-timer, it will not be easy as he needs to practice the methods.
  • It is important to take a deep breath and also expel from deep for few times.

6) Attend spiritual groups

  • In the Hindu system, these spiritual groups are called sat-sangs. It is also seen among Christians, Buddhists, etc.
  • Here people of similar mindsets meet and perform some music, and play songs in praise of the lord.
  • Though it is done out of pure devotion, one can experience a deep sense of peace throughout the process.
  • The effects also last for a few days to weeks after the attendance.

7) Stay near the water or go deep-sea diving

diver in deep sea
Sea diving is so calm and peaceful
  • If one does not like any of the above methods, then the methods include staying near the water pond or lake, and going for a boat ride if not afraid of water.
  • The pleasant air due to lack of pollution and silence will help gain peace in these places.

8) Stay in greenery

  • If there is a green lush garden or farm, then going in and walking there or sitting will give pleasantness and peace of mind.
  • Also, try to keep up some indoor plants at the residence and office.
  • They increase the oxygen content of the air and keep your mind energetic.

9) Spending time with beloved ones

  • If one has a family, then playing with kids, and spending time with them gives peace of mind.

10) Have good relations with others

  • This is important and seems not always possible.
  • But, sometimes if we can forgo our ego it is easier.

11) Be disciplined

  • This may sound confusing, but if you are disciplined, you have good health and progress in your career and life.
  • So that adds up to having success in life and brings peace of mind.

How to have long term peace

One needs to practice or continue some rituals on an everyday basis to create peace on long-term basis.

These include deep breathing yoga, prayer meditation, visiting temples or churches daily, etc.

Further besides doing the above rituals, one needs to focus on their work or duties in daily life.


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  1. Am going through mental stress as well as health issues. After taking so many medications am not feeling all right and also mentally stressed out no peace of mind. There is no peace and happiness in my life. I just don’t want to be alive anymore. Whatever I try to do will go into vein. don’t know what to do.


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