How to Calm the Mind? 8 Easy Tips

The human mind is calm during childhood, and it becomes a chatterbox as we grow.

But in some intellectual people, it can be hyperactive causing trouble.

It does not stay calm and is flooded with a stream of nonstop thoughts or imaginations.

This constant mind activity can lead to health issues and also deprives happiness in life.

This hyperactivity can also be due to some psychological disorders like depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc.

Also, it is seen in those who lead a sedentary life or those who spend greater screen time i.e. before the computer, internet, video games, etc.

Further, this becomes a habit and is difficult to rest.

On long-standing, it tends to lead to heart arrhythmia, paralysis, depression, insomnia, etc.

So one needs to calm down the brain and relax for better health and peaceful life.

The factors contributing to mental hyperactivity.

The current lifestyle triggers a hyperactive mind. Due to a lack of social time to chat, spend time for oneself, one is always forced to mingle with modern gadgets or technology during spare time.

Due to television, video games, smartphones, social websites, people tend to be ever busy with themselves. So the mind is kept active for a long.

1. Lack of physical activity

In the past, one needed to walk a lot, work by physical means, and play outdoor games, etc., so he had less energy for the brain. Due to this, it gets tired and desires rest.

But in modern days, there is less physical work and more mental work.

So man has been addicted to being overactive. We see many around us who are busy with their smartphones, laptops.

how to calm the mind

Instead of talking and building relationships with colleagues, we build relationships on social sites.

So the brain is engaged in thinking, creativity, and fun.

In contrast, the rest of the body is completely rested.

2. Lack of nutritious food

This is another factor that many of us do not consider. Due to modernization, we seem to know a lot about nutrition and health. But to be fact, the food we eat now is less nutritious than before.

This is because the food plants are exposed to toxins, pollutants a lot. So food ingredients also have them to some extent decreasing their food value. The current food is not that healthy as before. Even we can see that food quality regulating bodies like FDI etc. fix a limit of toxins in food but do not completely avoid them.

3. Desires and goals.

Nowadays, some people fantasize about having dreams and goals in life.

In doing so, we focus our energies on achieving something big in life. But we neglect rest, sleep, luck, and destiny factors in it.

I have noticed that by dreaming of some goals, the human mind gets excited and hyperactive.

This, in the long run, seems to be more harmful than good. To be rich, we dream, and to achieve that dream, we work hard. But some people wanted to be rich and get rich by use of others’ skills.

So goals and desires should not overtax our brain leading to hyperactivity.

4. Nature of work.

Previously one needed to go to schools or some gathering for knowledge. But now, one can get it from his smartphone or e-book.

So, the brain’s activity has gone up, but the rest of the body has diminished greatly.

Even the body seems to have lost control over the thoughts. So we need to seek physical works than bench works for better thought control.

5. Pollution

This is a silent yet powerful cause. We are prone to one or another sort of pollution every day. Like dust pollution, sound, radiation (mobiles and wifi), etc.

This pollution has greatly affected the health and weakened the body.

It seems that radiation pollution is the cause of depression, heart arrhythmia, giddiness, etc.

These mental-related issues do not seem to harm immediately but do it in a long time.

How to calm your mind

1. Heavy Physical work

Engage in physical work to limit excess mental activity.

Physical work burns out excess calories and limits the energy available for the brain.

The more excess energy in the body, the more mental activity. Since physical workouts burn it away, the brain will be less active.

Also, the rest of the body with flexible and active to keep the brain in control.

2. Exercise and Physical workouts

It is not possible to perform heavy works for all due to the nature of jobs.

For them, physical workouts like jogging, walking, swimming, and the gym will help burn off the excess energy and keep the body fit.

Remember the phrase “A sound mind in a Sound Body.”

3. Yoga

Yoga is a practice to keep the whole body under self-control.

It uses different physical techniques and breathing control to keep the mind and body in proper coordination.

Regular yoga gives proper self-control over thoughts.

Even breathing exercises like pranayamas are great for thought control.

4. Meditation

As per astrology, mars affects the mind of a person. And for those with malefic Mars, there is no peace of mind.

And the best remedy for this meditation and yoga.

A deeper focus on internal peace and relaxation is provided by meditation.

Regular practice of meditation with slow and deep breathing will help calm the mind in a few minutes.

Meditation along with yoga will help reduce stress.

5. Social gatherings

This is a very natural method. If you feel hyperactive, go and meet some people and have a chat. It will bring your mind activity levels equal to that of your friends or people around you. This helps normalize the thoughts faster.

So it is better to have regular meetings with friends and family for stability and calmness.

Also, better relationships keep you stress-free and avoid the feeling of loneliness.

6. Sufficient sleep and rest.

Staying awake at night for long also keeps the brain active.

Haven’t you noticed that you have restlessness when you miss the routine sleep schedule on any particular day?

Even you find it difficult to sleep after.

So sleep, and relaxation adequately reduces stress and also provide strength to regulate your thoughts.

Adults should have at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep and try to go to bed before 11 PM at night.

But, I feel sleeping around 9 PM at night and getting up around 5 AM is the best option for mental health.

7. Reading and writing

This is another technique to achieve calmness and unwanted thoughts.

Reading focuses your thoughts regarding what you read. So reading any pleasant adventures, spiritual books, etc., will bring your peace.

Writing brings coordination of hand and brain and helps slow your thoughts to coordinate your writing skill.

8. Plan of work

Early in the morning, when you are awake and going for a walk or getting ready, make plans on what you want to do in the day.

This puts a lot of focus on what to do at the moment than unnecessary anxiety.

Also, this plan of work helps you stay disciplined and complete work making you stress-free. Stress relief calms the mind and helps to relax.

9. Handling the situations

During routine life, there will be few situations where we face embarrassment, due to which we develop anger.

Handling such a situation helps avoid stress and save your ego and avoid unnecessary thoughts later.

In such a situation, taking deep breaths, drinking water can reduce anxiety and stress.


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