How to Believe in God? 5 Practical Reasons that he Exists

Many people go to temples, churches, mosques, and other devotional places based on their religion.

Even there is a good amount of money being involved in such places.

But still, there are some so-called atheists. They do not believe in god.

It is not that they are uneducated or something else, but they are not convinced of their experience with life.

Some even go to the extent of criticizing those who believe in god. They are not aggressive or rude, but they cannot accept there is a god.

With the advancement of technology and science, even many have doubts if God is present. So here are a few points which can help one believe if there is a god.

Firstly let us see why the people who believe in God are not wrong in their perception.

how to believe in god

1. Religions or god preachers

They were raised in different corners of the world, and the thought of spiritualism did not grow at one place and spread to the rest of the world.

For instance, Hindus have Hindu gods and great epics indicating their gods were born as human fomrs (avatars).

Similarly, Christians had Jesus Christ who is believed to have came into the worldly life and left.

In the two cases, it is said gods or god people performed miraculous cures or other miracles in the name of god.

Even in the times like before Christ (B.C), the world had no formal communication, and the people of one place did not even know if some other set of religions really existed.

But the people of god or gods performed similar miracles and taught the world of peace and divine love. They discouraged hatred, enhanced love among people and treated all with equality and respect.

2. Time-tested belief:

It is not that people began to believe in god a few years back and have adapted to it. Unlike another principle were in people begin to disregard them after testing for some time (ex: King’s rule, communism, scientific principles like evolution, even newtons laws) which seem to be outdated or else not suitable anymore)

The belief in God has greatly increased and is raising further with strong faith and belief. Hence you can notice the donations to religious temples; churches are growing day by day.

If a thought or belief was wrong, it could not have lasted so long.

3. Even great scientists and thinkers agree: Even the great scientist, revolutionists, and politicians agree there is a god or something supernatural. Ex: Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi believed there was a god. These people who saw the world to the deepest levels in science or the name of public life believe there is a god.

Einstein said, “in the eyes of spirituality, science is wrong, and in the eyes of science, spirituality is blind. So there needs a bridge to tie these two things together.

Mahatma Gandhi remarked, “without prayer, I would have been a lunatic long ago.”

These people’s words indicate how strongly they believed in god.

4. The rewards of god:

If one tastes the spiritual blessings, then one can know the essence of god. Many people who believed in god had got his blessing in the form of success, achievements, overcome disease, or other problems which are not solvable by normal means. If not for this aspect of getting boons from God, there would not have been many people going for god. So rewards of god are so practical and pleasant that people’s belief in him is strengthened.

How to start believing in god without physical proof.

Many atheists say they need proof to believe in god. The proof is a demand of science and is limited to the five senses, like you must be able to see, hear, smell, or feel the touch or taste the god. But [proof can also exist beyond these five senses like within the heart.

If a child believes in his mother that she protects him, she will save him in crisis because of an inherent belief in the heart (proof).

Similarly, a pet believes sincerely in his owner that he will provide food, so it does not run away to search for food.

A farmer believes that seeds grow if planted in the soil. Suppose he does not believe that he would not buy costly seeds to experiment. So there is another set of proof called belief which resides in the heart or consciousness. So God rules the heart and consciousness.

So how to believe in God?

Firstly think of these questions about you.

a) First question, who are you.

Many say I am Sam or ram or john as common thought; then think again, who is this John or ram or Sam? Is it his hand or face or brain or what else? Once he dies, there is only his body and where did he go. Then people say rest in peace. So they believe he has gone out of the physical body. Now, what is the proof that he has gone out? It is because his body does not respond.

So if you think you are the whole person, then why did you leave the body without your interest? Then the question has no answer. Next, if he has gone out of the body, where did he go? No answer.

So there are many questions which one cannot answer about their own-selves, but they strongly argue there is no god.

Hindu scriptures say the best way to know God is to know better who you are first. So for how to believe in god, first try to analyze who you are.

b) See wonders of natural engineering.

It is really amazing to know that many body organs in human beings or animals function tirelessly for ages together.

Is there any engineering or technology which is so robust, so precise, and so fantastic? If, as per science, if it is due to evolution, are there any tested and trial methods.

Because to come into the present level of aircraft or mobiles, there were many tests and trials.

Still, they fail very often.

c) How come there are so many diseases?

Evolution of science says that first microbes evolved and then higher animals.

If that is true, how come malarial microbe modifies itself to infect only humans. Why is there a virus to cause aids only to humans?

d) How come there are principles like what you sow is what you reap? In many instances, it proved that if you do some harm, you will receive it back. Even Jesus said if you show your sword, you will be killed by the same sword to his disciple Peter.

So you might experience that doing bad has come back to you in some way or another. You can even notice many happenings around like natural disasters which human is completely incapable of overcoming them.

e) Why many things do not happen as you expect or Why one is doubtful of something if it at all happens?

This is because he perceives that things are not under his control, but these must be under someone else control.

So after these questions to yourself, move on to tips on how to believe in god.

1. First check or make a test on god? Ask for something from god and try to make it happen and see if it happens or not. In many cases, it happens, and one might notice small miracles in the process. This can help you believe in god.

2. Go through some spiritual books: Holy Book of your religion like Bhagavad Geetha or bible will help you realize God. They do not force you but will try to help you understand the essence of god. So it is good to go through to believe in god.

3. Go to religious places or pilgrimages: These are places with the highest amount of spiritual power. Most people who go to these places of worship will have their spiritual senses raised. So go to some important spiritual places and see if you can feel God.

4. Ask for other spiritual experiences: It is most like that we always criticize spiritual people. Not all of them are cheats; some of them are divine people even. So go and hear their experiences on what inclines them to spirituality. Even you can ask if they can make you experience god. A great spiritual leader like Swami Vivekananda asked his teacher if he can show him a god. SO why not you try on some.

5. Try and test spiritual methods: There are many spiritual methods for the benefit of a man, like astrology, reiki, meditation, prayer, etc. Once you ask your astrology, you will be stunned to see they can tell about you without even having seen you before. For this test, I recommend Vedic astrology.

Try meditation. It is believed to be one of the highest forms of spiritual exercise. The intention is to slow down your mind, calm down your aggression and build divine low within you. Many people benefit from it for mental health.

Of all the mentioned tips on believing in God, the best one is to check for yourself by asking God to help you in some difficult to achieve issues and see if you can overcome them with his help. This test itself serves as real proof and is exclusive for you because once you start believing, others may ask you if he is really there.:-)

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