God Loving vs God Fearing People|11 Important differences

God is one of the essential elements in most people’s lives.

Though there is bias in views and thoughts about God, still, god is indispensable in human life.

The thought of a God is planted in the mind since childhood by the parents or the society around them.

Rarely do some of them become spontaneously involved in the belief in god.

Among the people who believe in God, we can have two different sets of devotees. One set of them can be called god loving, while the other set is god-fearing.

Though the two terms seem similar, they have distinct differences in how they perceive spirituality and the extent to which they are bound to God.

Below we will see how two different sets of people view God and things related to a god.

God-loving people

These are people who love God, and so they worship him out of pure love towards God.

These people become so from birth or attain that state after some experiences in life. Once they become god-loving, they never go from the path entirely. Though they involve in worldly life, they still have the essence of God within.

For them, god is inbound and helps them whenever they want and for whatever they ask.
They pray to god spontaneously, i.e., without any set schedule or routines.

god loving vs god fearing
courtesy: Stuart miles

They do not like to argue about God. They see god in almost all the people and living beings around.

They do not discriminate between animals and humans, rich and poor; they treat everyone alike.

They even do not show mercy to handicaps. For them, everyone is the same, equal, and everything is in the right place.

They even fight with god and even abuse him at times out of frustration towards him.

They are not much concerned about rituals like lighting a dhoop stick (incense stick) or candles for worship. They also are not concerned about going to a temple or church, or mosque.

They pray to god from any place at any time.
They do not cause trouble to other humans or animals in the name of god.

God-fearing people

These people practice rituals and worship to god at home or at temples or other places of worship. They are influenced to do so due to circumstances or sometimes driven by desire.

They can quite god if there are influences to do so. They see god only in idols or places of worship, and every other thing in the world is normal like them and not god.

They like listening to scriptures or reading books to enlighten their knowledge of god and influence others with that knowledge. They discriminate against gods, religions, the poor, rich, etc.

They practice rituals like donations, lighting candles, following any religious preachers.

They can be violent in the name of god. Even terrorists destroying in the name of God are also an example of God-fearing people. Among some religions, there is a sacrifice of animals to god. This is not considered required by god loving people.

 God Loving vs. God-Fearing People

Sl.NoGod LovingGod-fearing
1They are bold in the matter of GodThey are timid in the name of god.
2They are strongly connected to God and his path.They are weakly connected to god and his path
3The passion of God comes from within. They do not need anyone to explain or provoke towards god.The passion of god comes due to external real-life impulses and experiences.
4They do not deviate from God due to external influences.They can deviate from the path of god.
5They are less concerned about religion.They are very strict about the religion they follow.
6They have self-knowledge and wisdom of God.They have more bookish knowledge than Own wisdom.
7They are stable and do not change into god-fearing types.They are less stable and very much possible to convert into a god-loving type.
8They are peace-loving and sympathetic to the poor, needy, and helpless.They can be violent as they do not see god in other things around.
9They do not need religious preaching to have the thoughts of God.They need religious perching to have thought of God in their heart.
10They are more responsible citizens.They may or may not be responsible.
11They prefer a simple lifestyle.If chance permits, they prefer a rich lifestyle.

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  1. Hi Glenn, the fear of god stems from the fear of death and uncertainty. But does a real child fears its mother or father? No, unless the parents are harsh. For a god-loving person, there will be no fear of God.

  2. Interesting table. It appears to be non-Christian in origin.

    The Bible tells us that fear of God is the beginning of wisdom (Psa 111:10], and it is our human duty (Eccles. 12:13), and is clean, enduring for ever (Psalm 19:9).

    However, as we grow in our knowledge of God, we like God more & more, then love God more & more, and our fear of God somewhat dissipates, but never goes away totally. Even if we 100% trust God, are we, as frail, sinful humans, 100% trustworthy? As imperfect humans, could we lose our love for God, as Satan did, then God would be forced to react against us, just as He divorced Israel for her repeated infidelity (Jeremiah 3:8), or tossed Satan out of Heaven, and ultimately judge Satan to an eternity in the Lake of Fire. Should we not be afraid of God and this possible infidelity by us in the back recesses of our mind?

  3. Load of rubbish. Bible says to fear God first. Love and respect follows via Spirit. End.

  4. I totally believe that, we should love god and not be afraid of god. I have one family member who do worship to pleased to god. He always take name of god like he got some punishment to do so.

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