Why girls prefer back seat with boy on the bike ride

Bike ride with a girl on the back is really a sweet experience for a matured boy. Many boys will dream to have a pretty girl

on his bike. And so the girls do have the desire. But why the preference to sit back while the boy in front??

Even there are few bike ads which project the interest of a girl to sit on the back seat. Recently the hero company ad on glamour bike shows how girls will prefer to sit on bike back seat.

Though there are bikes for girls yet many girls prefer to sit on the back seat of the bike. This is preferably on the back seat of her boyfriend as it more romantic for her.



The psychology involved seems to be that

1. She wants her boy to be the driver of her life. She would like him to be on the driver seat and she is in the guiding seat.

Really many girls who do not enjoy this experience will have the feel of lost something. Yet there are few girls who think to avoid sitting on boy’s bike based on morality. But girls willing to sit on bike’s back with their boyfriends have some special feeling.

2. Social conditioning: A woman is always considered less equal to man. So this feel makes her keep him before and hence she prefers to sit behind and take a better view.

3. Safety: Women are physically delicate than men. So sitting back would give her a feeling of physical safety. That does not mean that she wants to make her man scapegoat of accidents. It is just the feel to avoid harsh air, dust etc hitting her directly. Hence, they prefer to put a scarf on their face to avoid pollution, loss of hairstyle and also public unwanted gazes.

This back seat they prefer when they want to go for an outing, dinner, shopping etc. They also prefer it to be more personal and in lone places. Yet since the cities and towns are grown so big they have more traffic. For this, they get some disturbances from other male or females around.

4. Sort of comfort: A woman would feel more relaxed when sitting at the back than driving herself. This helps her have a cool mind and a better perspective of her man. So girls feel relaxed before their boys in driving seat.

Sitting on the back seat of a bike for a girl along with her boyfriend is more of romantic experience with some time pass

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