9 Gemstones to Choose based on Astrology for Better Life

Gemstones are can be used as remedies for astrological problems.

They are advised to strengthen any planet that is friendly yet weaker in position as per the one’s zodiac.

When used correctly they can bring good luck, fortune, family and success in life.

This is an ancient art, and a suitable gemstone is prescribed to an individual based on different astrology schools.


But, based on my experience, the Hindu or Vedic gemstone astrology based on the moon sign is more accurate in determining and prescribing proper remedies.

However, one should be cautious while wearing them.

In my experience, wearing an incompatible stone can create untoward effects like bad luck, health issues, and even death.

For more details, see the points on astrology facts.

To find out a suitable gemstone for you based on your horoscope, check out the gemstone based on your horoscope.

How to choose the correct Gemstone

In the horoscope, one must decide two things

1. Which of the planet is weak and stronger in their horoscope chart.

2. Which of the planets are favorable (friendly) and unfavorable (in enemy position) for you.

Based on the above two factors,

  • If a planet is weak but friendly, you need to strengthen it by wearing a suitable gemstone for more benefit.
  • If a planet is unfavorable to you, do not strengthen it by wearing the related gemstone as it can cause more trouble.

Also, remember that wearing a gemstone will not vanish all of your problems but only part of your problems.

This is because you are strengthening one planet but neglecting the remaining ones.

Wearing a gemstone will be like putting a new tire on a car with worn tires. One new tire will not avoid all the chances of being punctured as other worn-out tires are also at risk.

So, as per astrological directions, first prefer to get issues solved by devotion to the suitable god of the planet concerned.

If one is not able to pay devotion, then only they can opt for gemstones.

List of gemstones by astrology

There are a total of 9 astrological gemstones. Seven of them relate to our solar system bodies while 2 are non-visible but are powerful forces like Rahu and Ketu.

Ruby gemstone

circular Ruby stone
Ruby gemstone for the sun god.
  • This is a gemstone of the Sun god and is also called Manik.
  • Sun is considered to be the ruler of all the other planets. The gemstone ruby is pinkish-red in color.
  • One can wear it in times of weak Sun in the astrological chart or when the phase of the sun is running in a person’s life.
  • But the sun should be in a favorable position.
  • If it is weak, wearing ruby enhances the effect of the sun for a more favorable result.
  • If it is strong, one can still wear it for additional benefits.

Effects: If favorable, the ruby is said to bring growth in one career and life.

It also enhances the strength of the heart muscles and the health of one’s own father.

It should be worn on a Sunday after offering prayer to Lord Sun or the Surya. See more details on how to wear a ruby gemstone.

Pearl for the moon.

White pearl stone
Pearl gemstone
  • It is the gemstone of the moon and it looks like the moon.
  • It can be worn in time when the phase of a person is under moon transit.
  • In general, anyone can wear it, but those with a favorable moon in their horoscope will benefit a lot.

Effects: It is said to bring a stable mind avoiding fickle-mindedness. It is also said to remove the sins of the wearer and bring prosperity.

It should be worn on a silver or gold studded ring (on a small finger) or necklace on Monday evenings after offering prayer to Lord Shiva and the moon.

Yellow sapphire

Yellow sapphire gemstone
Yellow sapphire
  • This is the stone of planet Jupiter.
  • Since Jupiter is considered the guru of gods, wearing it brings all other planets to favor you. It is yellow colored.
  • The stone should be studded in gold and worn on the index finger on a Thursday. One should offer prayer to Lord Jupiter before wearing it.

Effects: It helps to grow spiritually, prosperity, and also good family life.


Emerald green colored gemstone
  • This is the gemstone representing mars. It is green in color and represents lord buddha, i.e., planet Mars.
  • It is one of the stones which affects the mind. One with the stone will have a strong mind and creative enthusiasm.
  • It should be worn on Wednesday on the ring studded in gold on the ring finger.

Blue sapphire

Blue sapphire with dark color
  • This can be in blue or black color and is the stone representing planet Saturn.
  • Blue Sapphire is not to be used without proper astrological advice as it is harmful.
  • The stone produces effects very fast and if Saturn is not favorably placed, it gives harmful effects.
  • The stone should be studded in a gold ring and worn on the ring finger on a Saturday. One should offer prayer to Lord Shani before.


  • This is the gemstone of the planet Venus. As per me, it is the king of gemstones.
  • Once you wear it, you will feel the influence of it for a few minutes.
  • It should be worn on ring fingers studded in gold.
Diamond stone

Effects: It provides confidence, courage, and wealth, relives debts, gives good health, and also improves spirituality.

It should be worn on a Friday after 11 am.


This is the stone of planet Mars.

It is red in color and it influences the mind a lot.

Coral gemstone
Coral stone

It should be worn on a Tuesday.


This is a stone for Rahu’s influence. The stone relives one of the ill weak effects of Rahu. It makes him strong.

Hessonite gemstone

Cats eye

This is aimed at the ill effects of Ketu. It is good to bring in fortunes. One can offer prayer to Lord Ganapati as an alternative to wearing this stone.

Cats eye

As a word of caution, one should prefer gemstones as a last resort.

They should instead go for prayer to correspond deity for beneficial effects.

Also, take expert opinion in wearing them.

Never wear a ruby, pearl, coral, or yellow sapphire in combination with diamond, emerald, blue sapphire, hessonite, and cat-eye.

The first set of stones is incompatible with the second set of stones.

Also, one has to try them by tying the stone in a similar colored cloth to their arms for at least 3 days to see abnormal effects, if any.

Stones without prayer are not active to deliver benefits. Never use already used stones. Always buy new ones.

Every gemstone has a lifespan to give its effects.

After the lifespan change to a new one.

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  1. Hi.

    My DoB is 18-Nov-1975

    Am confused on which gem stone should I wear bcoz each astrologer has different suggestion. There are multiple recommendations

    Yello sapphire, coral, emerald — which of these will prove lucky and favorable to me

    Jupiter is in the 7th place, Mars in 10th place, Ragu in the 2nd place

    • Hi, please try to check the free gemstone recommendations offered online by different apps or website to get clear specification.

      You may also consult other astrologers around for more clarity.

  2. good morning sir
    name:Hemendra singh Rathore
    Dob: 30-10-1991
    I have been seen my kundli and all are suggest to me 5.25 ratti red coral & pukhraj
    so please tell me it will be ok
    what is the benefits of alphabet locket

    • @ Hemendra! Coral and pukhraj will be a good combination and the effect will be synergistic.Also they do not have negative effects on their own.So you can wear them.But see that you wear them with proper prayers and offerings to respective gods to enhance their power..

  3. Hello sir
    I am shreya shrivastava
    My dob is 11/12/1996
    I’ve been advised to wear blue sapphire
    But according to my kundali my zodiac sign is Sagittarius and its been said that yellow sapphire is effective for Sagittarius
    Please help me out with this confusion and please let me know what should i go for

    • @Shreya shrivastava! Wearing gemstone as per zodiac sign is not very precise. But it can help in overall life aspects. Whereas the ones advised as per kundali are very specific to the person. So they help overcome any personal problems.

  4. hi sir….im mani ….in my birht chart saturn is in a good position but my mars is to weak …because of that my marriage delay and have quick anger problem….can i wear red coral ,will it affect saturn in any way …..or is there any other gemstone suitable equal to oral ?

  5. Hiii sir
    I’m Surander I want to now that what kind of stone can wear I want to settle in life now I have no job I’m studied 12th stranded I have started Busines’s but no Chance I have loses in that Busines’s I have no success in my life. Thank you sir

  6. My dob is 7/10/1988 time is 7.15pm meerut up.. .plz tell me which gemstone is suitable for me according to my kundali.. I have Health issues. ..

  7. Kindly suggest me which gemstone is favourable for Me my date of is 24th May 1978, time 5.40 pm at nuzvid I am suffering with super since 15 year’s please suggest me for accepts like health and wealth and for issues

  8. my name is kutubuddin abbasbhai rajkotwala
    my date of birth is 15/07/1975
    I have much debt and I am very much frusted now from everything
    some one just tell me to wear sunny stone or feroza stone for good
    which is preferable for me

  9. name: sevika gupta
    dob: 3rd july 1992
    time of birth: 11:54 am
    place of birth: kurseong
    kindly please suggest me which gemstone i should wear
    horoscope: cancer
    as my birth name starts from letter “D”

  10. HI Sir,

    My name is yokesh D.O.B – 12/05/1982 MY rasi is Danush and moola natchitram, one of the astrologer told to wear regal balckstone where can i get the original

    • @Yokesh Anbalagan! before going for stones, i would advice you to worship lord hanuman devotedly. It will be more safe and effective.

  11. Please tell me which gemstone is suitable for me and I’m already wearing a pearl on left hand
    shweta sharma
    Place new delhi
    Time is about 7:15AM

  12. HI Everyone,

    Don’t wear any gemstone without any knowledge because it will effect our health, wealth and so many things related our 12 house. So beware before you wear. Your kundali and its planets also depend on house that which planets sit in which place, then gemstone will give you benefit. Otherwise it will harm you.

  13. Sir, Myself Madhavi I am already wearing yellow sapphire on right index finger, my zodiac sign is Leo can wear black sapphire along with yellow sapphire? For Leo’s black sapphire will be suitable? My satron is in 12house from Lagna. In the same 12th house Rahu, Moon, Jupiter and Mercury is also there pls kindly suggest me

    • @Madhavi! For leo’s good stone would be emerald. Also yellow can be worn with emerald but not black sapphire.

  14. How does one look for the perfect gemstone . In Hinduism there are so many factors. Numerology. Nakshatara and rasi. I’m a 7. Pushyam. And kartakara rasi. It’s so difficult . Because there are different gemstones for all . What should I do?

    • If you see for gem stone there will be a probable of 2 to 3 to wear. But first is to prefer for respective god worship instead of gemstone.

  15. Please tell me which gemstone is suitable for me
    Time is about 1pm (afternoon)

  16. hello sir,

    I was advised to wear red coral and also chadra stone.. I am wearing red coral in 3rd finger of right hand and also Chandra stone in last finger. will it have ill effects?

    • @Alka! Coral and pearl are compatible when worn together. So one can wear them in the same ring. But when you need to wear them of sufficient size, the ring may look heavy. Also the light from stone touching the skin of the wearer is important for their effects. So while wearing them together in a single ring, you need to see they have sufficient gap in between.

  17. Please tell me which gemstone is suitable for me

    D.O.B 19.12.1995
    TIME – 12.15 AM (NIGHT)

  18. name : kishor kumar
    DOB : 09/11/1968

  19. Please tell me which gemstone is suitable for me
    Place kotkapura(punjab)
    Time is about 5 to 5:30

  20. Anil Kumar
    Time exactly not known- 12pm-4pm
    Suggest me which stone I should wear
    For gaining finances

  21. Hi, I have found this statement in this blog that, “Never wear ruby, pearl, coral, yellow sapphire in combination with diamond, emerald, blue sapphire, hessonite and cats eye. First set stones are incompatible with second set of stones.”

    But if one needs gems from the both set then what should be done by he/she in this case.

  22. Hi, my Dob is 30/10/1973 and time is 08.56 am, Mumbai . Please let me know which stone is most beneficial for my travel business

  23. my name is richa banerjee one more name is leepika

    called by frns & family members at that present time what type of gems stone i have to bear plz suggest

  24. Hi sir,
    I recently bought a ruby for my mother but came to know that isnt suitable for her.
    Can I use it with any other gemstone on the same ring so that it wont cause any ill effect on her?

    D.O.B: 13-may-1960
    jyeshtha nakshatra
    vrishchika rashi


    • @ Sheetal! Please don’t misuse gem stones. They can be dangerous if unsuitable. You might have spent some good amount yet it is safe to put it in a dark place for now. If any other family member are beneficial by it, you can use it for them.

      • my name is farida shabbily chattriwala
        date of birth 19/05/1980
        can I wear sunny Stone or which Stine is good for me

    • @ Dr.T.M.Khaleel! One can wear them if they are compatible. But we can notice people wearing a ring 9 gemstones studded together..So it is possible.

  25. Hello sir

    I am wearing three gem stone in three finger,

    1) Yellow sapphire in right index finger.

    2) Green Emerald in right middle finger

    3) Coral in right ring finger.

    My doubts is about person can were three gem stone and is this correct. Please correct me if i am wrong

    DOB 21/09/1981
    Time 11:28AM

    Thank you

    • Hi balaji! Some astrologers mention one can contradictory gemstones on different finger but not on same finger. But some are completely opposed to it. As per them one has to wear only non-contradictory gemstones. As you mentioned, yellow sapphire is ok with Coral but not green emerald.


    • I’M Sanjoy koner DOB 10 th December 1980 time of birth is 8:45 P.M. @ Burdwan ,West Bengal.
      please suggest me which is favourable or unfavourable and which is weak or strong for me. What is the remedy.
      Thank you ?

  26. Name- Rahul khatri Dob-18.08.1988. Time-23:42. Place- Jaipur(Rajasthan). Can I wear blue sapphire with white sapphire. Blue sapphire I already worn. Plzz guide me if can wear white sapphire for venus and jupiter. Will it give good effect for both. Thanks

  27. date of birth- 28-01-1953
    time – 10.30 morning
    place- purnea(bihar)
    kindly advised me which stone is suitable for me. this time i have bear OPEL,MANIK ,POKHRAJ AND MUNGA.

    • Sunil Nagpal
      dob 07-12-1980
      TIME. 12.40 AM
      SRI GANGANAGAR -Rajasthan
      Kindly suggest stone
      ghis time I wear manikin, Munga and silver snake ring


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