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A Vedic gemstone is meant to overcome problems and help in the better progress of our life. This gemstone recommendation is not offered for free by experts in astrology. They may charge for their valuable advice.

However, if you are hesitant to approach them, this article helps predict suitable gemstones by using free & reliable resources on the internet.

How to get Free Gemstone Report

Gemstones are not without side-effects, so please read this carefully.

What is a gemstone

It is a natural shiny stone with a specific color corresponding to a specific planet in our solar system. Some of them are also assigned to even the moon, sun, and Rahu and Ketu. These stones are obtained from natural resources from different regions on the earth.

How do gemstone work

As per Hindu holy scripts, astrology or horoscope is an art of future prediction.

This prediction is based on the planetary arrangement in one’s kundalini at the time of birth.

We all stay on the earth, which is one of the nine planets in our solar system. So, it is assumed that every planet, including the moon and sun, influences all organisms here.

Every planet has its own specific influence on a living being. Each of them decides luck, wealth, marriage, health and lifespan.

Astrological predictions mention if these planets are in good or bad phases in a person’s life.

These difficult times are due to the planets’ position and can be related to education, health, lack of pregnancy, career success, etc.

For students, these gemstones are considered beneficial for improving their mindset and physical health. So, emerald and yellow sapphire are specially intended for that purpose.

When some planet has a weak influence on an individual, he will have weak growth or prospects in the related field.

For example, the stomach and mind or influenced a lot by Mars. So if Mars is weak in one’s horoscope, the person may have an unstable mind, digestive problems, etc. Then its influence can be strengthened by wearing the related gemstone viz. emerald.

Thus suitable gemstones are advised as a significant remedy to overcome bad or difficult phases in life.

How to find a suitable gemstone for free?

First and foremost, you need to have your date of birth, time, and also a place of birth as correctly as possible.

Sometimes parents do not record them correctly. They may say a day after a festival or incident or something. Try to note the precise date.

Also, ask them for an exact time; if not, ask if it was morning, evening night, etc and you assume some approximate time based on that.

You must also get to know the exact place of birth as it corresponds to longitudes and latitudes.

Then go for the free online software resources to determine your stone.

First method:

1. First, write down your date of birth, time exactly. (if not, at least know the period of the birth on that day like morning, evening, etc. assume some  time roughly)

2. Head over to the site (No need to log in or register there).

3. Click on the option of free astrology and move the cursor to free Vedic Kundali.

4. Then, you will get a page asking you to enter your name, date of birth, etc.

5. Now enter the details of your DOB etc., and click next.

6. You will get a pdf containing all your possible predictions and the most suitable gemstone for you in the last paragraph.

Second method:

1. Go to the site

2. Click on the gemstone report. (right-click and open in new tab)

3. Enter your details to get the recommendation.

These are too easy and absolutely free Vedic gemstone recommendation methods. You can trust without any chances for doubt or errors.

If you don’t have the precise details of your birth

If you are a Hindu, you can have some guess from the starting letter of your name. This letter will indicate the nakshatra and zodiac precisely for many.

To know a suitable gemstone, you may have to consult an astrologer.

It is also a good option to take advice from an astrologer if you are not confident in your guess.

Because an astrologer can also advise gemstones based on your current problems in life.

How to wear a gemstone

Once you determine the suitable gemstone, try to get the substandard version of the gemstone. I am saying this because original gemstones are expensive and if you do not find them suitable, you will be at a financial loss.

So try to find a low-quality gemstone. For example, you can buy an American diamond stone instead of an original diamond. This American diamond will cost you just a minute fraction of the original diamond and easily available too.

Once you get your stone, try to put it before your favorite deities for 3 days at-least. If you notice no issues with the stone, then you can get ready to wear it.

Take a cloth of the color corresponding to the planet. Like for example, black cloth for Black sapphire, white cotton cloth for pearl stone, etc.

Place the gemstone in the cloth and tie it to the elbow and observe its effects.

Stones like the diamond will start showing effects within a few minutes, while other stones take a day or more to show effects. Observe for a week and determine if it is beneficial.

If not, discard the stone into a well or river and go for the other one.

If the stone seems beneficial, buy a genuine stone and wear it studded in a ring or pendant. It should be arranged such that the surface of the stone touches the skin on wearing it.

Caution: Though gemstones are advised for a remedy from problems, as per the astrology, the use of gemstones is a last resort.

Hence many pundits or astrologers first advise you to pray for a suitable god based on the horoscope.

For example, for the weaker Shani effect, start worshiping god Hanuman. For strengthening moon worship god Shiva and for Ketu remedy effect worships Lord Ganesha and so on. You will definitely find relief. If you do not have the strength to do so, the next option is they go for yantras, rudraksha, etc.

If one is not comfortable practicing them, then as the last option, they go for gemstones.

Even practicing them is more effective and safer than gemstones.

So let’s remember that our sincere devoutness to almighty, self-confidence can help us overcome problems in a better way than gemstones, yantras, mantras, etc.

Moreover, wearing contradicting gemstones causes problems instead of benefits. For example, wearing yellow sapphire, pearl, ruby, coral together is compatible. Similarly, wearing a diamond, blue sapphire, emerald, cat’s eye, hessonite is ok.

But one should not wear the first set of stones with the second list of stones together. This is incompatible. So be careful before and safe while choosing them. After wearing them for a week or so, if you notice positive effects, you can continue.

But also keep a glance at other side effects of gemstones.


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  1. Dear Sir
    My name is Subramani, I don’t have exact date of Birth. Below are the details which i can provide.

    Born on : Tuesday, around 40 years age. Can u please suggest me which stones are suitable for me.

    • @subramani Ji! There might be a chance that your names starting letter was selected as per astrologers suggestion. This means that astrologer would have given it based on your kundalini. So, you can wear gemstone based on the starting letters sign. Hope it helps. Regards

  2. Sir which stone is best for me.which is the best time for my marriage.and my marriage life and new job.

  3. Namastey sir,
    my name is ravinder and my main problem are skin pigmentation on face and boils, evil effects, stiff body, feel excessive heat in right body part, too much negativity even cannot do work, and foremost broken relationship from loved one, I do not get proper match for me… I n not able to getting ride of evil effect help me please….. birth date 11 april 1987, timing 9 20 pm and place Amritsar,

  4. @om prakash singh! Pranam! let us share an experience with you. One person has lung congestion due to cold weather, he did not get well due to OTC drugs. So he checked his kundali and wore green emerald as remedy. In just 24 hours he got cleared of his lung congestion. But latter he experienced disturbance in heart beat and mood abnormalities. He removed the stone to get rid of side effects. Then he contracted TB and had to suffer a lot to get to normal.So i advice be careful with stones for health. May be you are not getting well with allopathy medicine. Then you may try naturopathy and some nutrition supplements to get better. Also go to temple of your interest everyday. This helps you have a stiffer body and acts a routine exercise besides reliving you from mental stress. Best regards

  5. Namaskar,
    I am Debabrata Das,I Weared a Copper bracelet in right hand. And Wore Banana tree’s root around my neck in yellow thread.
    Please suggest for Me and My wife’s Health and I am unemployed from 2 year’s. (I have no any business or job). So, please suggest which can we do as your blessings.Please reply me, it’s very needful for us.

    • @Debabrata! Our suggestion is go for pooja of any god you like. Do a regular darshan of your favorite god and things will improve. This is the best solution among gemstone or other tricks. Regards.

  6. Is it ok to wear blue sapphire for Saturn in 12th house with Jupiter in Capricorn .ascendant is Aquarius.

    • @Manoj! Blue sapphire for Saturn can be a good or bad option. If the Saturn in kundali is in friendly position and weak, then wearing blue sapphire will strengthen the saturn and give you good benefits. If saturn is in enemy position to the person and weak, wearing blue sapphire will strengthen the saturn but that can give harmful effects to the person.

  7. I want to wear gem stone because money problems unstable mind and anxious nature and
    DOB 3.7.1973
    Time 1.3o am night Monday

  8. Hai Hello
    My self Gaadasu.sudeep
    DOB : 09 August 1996
    Time : 5:00 am
    Plz tell me which gemstone will sutable for me

  9. I am pooja raghuwanshi my dob is 27 march 1988 time 2:20am. Whitch gemston i should wear pls suggest me i ask many astrologist but all suggest me different different gemston so pls suggest me right for me.

  10. My name is rampuri umesh singh I don’t know my date of birth exactly I tried to know from my family and relatives but they fail to give correct information. As I lost my parents in my childhood, I myself created a dob: 10/11/1994
    Since it is essential in education field, but I am suffering from the problems such as my earnings won’t be stable with me and I am unable to solve my hereditary property which was took by my father’s elder brother as a guardian but now he is refusing. What ever the step I take regarding that I am failing. Is there any way astrologically. I mean wearing of perfect stone or worship any single or strong God

    • @Rampuri umesh singh! When you do not know your date of birth and astrological influences on you. Best is to pray to lord hanuman.

  11. Pranam,

    My name is Kushagra, My date of birth is 08 May 1988. Can you please suggest me my gemstone? I have shown to many astrologers but the gemstones do not suit me. Please suggest

  12. sir

    i am always fear and bad against gods and i have lot god fear

    how i can come out from this problem

  13. My name is atul ashish and i am engineering student and i am could not concentrate in my studies.

    Please help us how i can focus in my studies. my date of birth is
    11.08.1997 time 7.10 am

  14. Name Lim Keong Beng

    Date of birth 04.10.1983
    time of birth 02.15 PM
    Place of birth Singapore

    Please kindly advise me which gemstone to wear


  15. I would like to know which gemstone is suitable for my good carrier and growth of life help me out plz

  16. Dear sir my date of birth is 06/12/1983 can I wear yellow sapphire at present m wear white sapphire since 2014 .which is best for me time 19:45 Delhi

  17. hi \My name is Gautam Rakshit
    DOB : 02/03/2987 TIME:10:45 AM
    plz let me knw which stone I SHOILD TAKE

  18. Hi I dont know my date of birth and also timing i dont know how to find my lucky Gems stone, after i was born latter my parents registered my birth and that is also on wrong date. can any one tell me is there any way to find my lucky stone, i think on god can help me here

    • @Vivek! Ask if your parents if your name was decided based on any astrological suggestions. Because names are also based on astrology in hindu families. Based on name you can know suitable gemstone.

  19. my name is sudhir prasad
    my date of birth is not confirm but having 25-mar-1977 in morning time
    pls. suggest me which is best stone for me.

    MY DATE OF BIRTH IS 18/05/01986
    TIME-7.10 AM

  21. I am srinivas
    Dob: 04-10-1976
    Place: Vijayawada,AP
    Time- 4:31am
    Sir please give me the details of my birth stone

  22. date of birth :09/11/1968, birth time :09.00am, suggest gem stone and which god to pray life long. At present i am not having job.

  23. sir,
    i have a blue sapphire. but inside of this stone have a minor crack. if i wear it, is there any danger or harmful effect for me. i want to know the crack of stone may cause any harm or not.

  24. hello sir, my name is: MEER ZEESHAN ALI, date of birth: 16-4-1989 on Sunday morning 1989. sir, according to my sign my gemstone is RED CORAL and in name NUMEROLOGY its cats here i am not sure which gemstone i should wear can you please help me .plz reply me.

    • @ meer zeeshan ali! Please rely on any one of the methods. As per many astrologers, zodiac based is better.

  25. dob 09/11/1968, time 09.00am, i am not having job, please advise me which gemstone to wear . financial problem also there, which god to pray, please suggest. thank you.

  26. Sir,
    My name is priyanka kumari.
    DOB-6 march 1992
    Birth time 21:25
    Sir plz suggest me which gemstone will be beneficial for my life and job pointvof view. And I also have some problem like I m too much day dreamer n my mind is nt stable (mood swings problem). Thats why I cant concentrate in my study. Somebody says ur sun is week some says moon. Some says try manik some says try neeli, cal eye, white pukhraj. I am totally confuse. Plz suggest me

  27. sir my date of birth 20/12/1987 still not married and iam very short temper and assion lless please suggest me date of birth 20/12/1987 time 20.00oclockpm place of birth Narnaul Haryana

  28. @Ashwani Kumar! Coral and ruby can be worn on same finger or different fingers. But wearing on same ring may decrease the required size (carats) of individual stones.

  29. Respected Sir,
    My name is Apurba Biswas. Male.Dt.of birth is 10.02.1970.
    Birth time : 8.30 am.Tuesday.recently wearing pearl, ruby,and green onyx,facing so much problem with my job that day by day i am losing my interest for living my life. recently as on 19.3.2016 some problem arise at my job that it turns me in darkness.i don’t want to live. please advise me very soon otherwise it would be very late. as soon as possible advise me !

    • @Apurba Biswas! May be one may not be in a position to console you. But i request don’t take haste decisions. Firstly remove all the rings you wear. Do not hesitate to remove them. Then place them in a dark place at your home or else where in covered paper or cloth. Then go to lord hanuman’s temple and if possible sit there chanting his name for a long time. Your problems will recover over a period of 1 to 2 weeks. But do as mentioned above. Removing stones will reverse any disadvantages they create. Going to shri hanauman’s temple will nullify the negative effects of all planets. If you find relief after doing so please come back to share you experience again for us. Regards

  30. i am meera kirkire my birthday is 17/12/84 on 23 july i have married..which stone i use my problem is i dont have service

  31. naeem ali rahim born on feb: 27-2-1986
    can u letme know which gemstone to have the best . most of ppls says amethyst .but am intrested in blue sapphire. please letme know thankyou…
    regards nNn

  32. My dob is 29/05/1983, time- 01:30 am, place of birth – kolkata, west bangal, which jemstne is perfect for me, can I ware blue sapphire & cat’s eye jemstone..?

  33. please suggest me which gem stone wear according to my date of birth & timming 18-Sep-1988 & 12:02 A.M.

  34. My name is Sandeep kumar Singh, and my DOB is 12/06/1987. Time = around 2Am, after midnight. Please suggest a best gemstone suites me as per my horoscope…

  35. My dob 30/11/1992 . Time not exact knwn bt b/w 4to 4:30 am.. which stone suitable for luck and sucess

    • It would be risky to wear without accurate prediction. But your name would have been given based on the birth star or as per astrology. So based on that you can predict stones. Consult an astrologer.

  36. Sir I face lot economic and work problems. Lot of problems between my husband .which type of stone suit for me.

  37. I have one doubt.I want to know is there any difference between pukhraj stone and padparadscha stone.. or both are same? one is yellow Sapphire and other is orange. but still m confused because I read somewhere that pukhraj is also called as padparadscha? please clear my confusion

  38. My date of birth is 3rd October 1981 9.20 pm

    pls suggest best gemstone for me
    I already wear pacha (emrold) in little finger

    • Depend on your desire

      Zercon or opal diamond these are related to Venus planet
      Aishwarya Vaibhav

      Yellow sapphire for Jupiter
      Like study related money related etc.

  39. My birth date is 4 th February 1985
    Timing 8.44 pm monday I have worn yellow
    Sapphire & Ruby Can I wear pearl or moonga with

    • Yellow sapphire, ruby and pearl all of them re[resent friendly planets like Jupiter, sun and moon. They can be worn together. But try to keep a ritual to lord Shiva temple or lord hanuman temple for them to be beneficial and avoid any complications.

  40. I want to know that is it safe or bad to wear a little cracked Panna?actually the thing is that when I bought the panna stone at that time it was all okay.but later on when I gave it for the lab test after returning from there at home I found it a little cracked in it.
    What should I do please help me with the reply.

    • @Amit Ghosh!
      These stones in general have small scratches due to use. But they should not have deep cracks in the stone such that when light transmitted from them should not change due to crack.

  41. @prabhakar! If you do not know time of birth, take 3 predictions of same day one at morning. other at noon and another at evening or night. Out of 3 you can find all of them are similar. But one of them will be very similar to you. That one can be taken for your gemstone prediction.

  42. lovely Blog the gemstones are the thing which should wear with propers astrologer guidance. All the gemstones haveing their impact on our body and they also depends on our zodiac sign.


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