Free gemstone recommendation | Tips for online prediction

Free vedic gemstone recommendation is not offered for free by experts in this field.

They charge for their valuable advice but the charge would be worth it.

However, if you are hesitant to approach them, this article helps to predict suitable gemstone by use of free & reliable resources on the internet.

For this you need your date of birth, time and also place of birth .

What is a gemstone: It is a natural stone with a specific color responding to a specific planets in our solar system. Some of them are also assigned to even moon & sun which are not planets.

We all of us stay on the earth which is one of the nine planets in our solar system. So, it is assumed that every planet including moon and sun have some influence on all organisms here.

When some planet has a weak influence on an individual, then he will have weak growth or prospects in related field.

For example stomach and mind or influenced a lot by Mars (budh grah). So if Mars is weak in ones horoscope, the person may have unstable mind, digestive problems etc. Then its influence can be strengthened by wearing the related gem stone viz. emerald.

Thus suitable gemstones are advised as a significant remedy to overcome bad or difficult phases in life.

The recommended gemstone or birth stone should be studded in a ring or pendant. It should be arranged such that the surface of the stone touches the skin on  wearing it.

Image by;Boykung

Image by;Boykung

To know a good and suitable gemstone you may have to consult an astrologer.

I think it is a good option to take advice from an astrologer if you are not confident on your guess. Because gemstones are expensive and also it is believed that wearing a wrong stone has harmful effects. But lets see methods for getting free gemstone recommendation yet accurate based on online astrology software.

Free gemstone recommendation & prediction:

First method:

1. First write down your data of birth, time exactly. (if not, at least know the period of day of birth like morning, evening etc. assume some  time roughly)

2. Head over to the site www. (No need to login or register there).

3. Click on the option of free astrology and move cursor to free vedic Kundali.

4. Then you will get a page asking you to enter your name, date of birth etc..

5. Now enter the details of your DOB etc. and click next..

6. You will get a pdf which contains all your possible predictions and also most suitable gemstone for you in the last paragraph.

Second method:

1. Go to site

2. Click on gem stone report. (right click and open in new tab)

3. Enter your details to get the recommendation..

These are too easy and absolutely free vedic gemstone recommendation methods. You can trust without any chances for doubt or errors.

As per hindu holy scripts, astrology or horoscope is an art of future prediction.

This prediction is based on some planetary arrangement in ones kundali at the time of birth.

It is assumed that every planet has its own specific influence on living being. Some decide luck, wealth, health and life span.

These predictions mention if the planets are in good/ bad influential phases in a person’s life.

These difficult times can be related to health, lack of progeny, career success etc. For students these gemstones are considered beneficial for improving their mindset and also physical health. Emerald and yellow sapphire are specially intended for that purpose.

image by:Boykung

image by:Boykung

Alert: Though gemstones are advised for remedy from problems, as per Hindu astrology, use of gemstones is a last resort.

Hence many pundits  or astrologers first advice you to pray for suitable god based on horoscope. Next option is, they go for yantras etc.

If one is not comfortable to practice them then as a last option they go for gemstones.

For example for weaker Shani effect they advice to worship god hanuman. For strengthening moon worship god Shiva and for ketu effect worships lord Ganesha and so on.

Even practicing them is more effective and safer than gemstones.

So lets remember that our a sincere devoutness to almighty, self confidence can help us overcome problems in a better way than gemstones, yantras, mantras etc.

More over wearing contradicting gemstones causes problems instead of benefits. For example wearing yellow sapphire, pearl, ruby,coral together is compatible. On the other hand wearing diamond, blue sapphire, emerald, cats eye, hessonite is ok. But one should not wear the first set of stones with second list of stones together. This is incompatible. So be careful before and safe while choosing them. After wearing them or a week or so if you notice positive effects, you can continue. But also keep a glance on other side effects of gem stones.


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