How to Control Ego for Better Life

Many of us will have lost a friend, lover, or opportunity due to ego inside us. It is always good to limit our ego to certain limits.

At the same time we should not misread self-confidence as ego.

Because self-confidence is essential for growth while ego can hinder our growth.

So we need to realize ego and trying to overcome it from our talk and behavior to lead a happy life.


Loss of friends

Friendships cannot sustain if the ego develops between friends.

There are some chances of misunderstandings between friends.

Then there should be curbed off by them to make the friendship last long.

If there is an ego between them, then the friendship will not last long.

Love failures

This is an important issue where the duo, i.e., girl and boy, should avoid ego for the relationship to progress.

Ego presence will break the relationship in most cases.

Clashes with others

If you are in shopping or a conference or traffic, there are chances of some misunderstanding or adjustments like who has to move first or reverse back.

Then if there is ego in between, there are chances of heated arguments and also clashes or fights.

So controlling the ego by one party can lead to a smooth flow of issues.

Loss of relatives or relations

Relationships like uncles, aunts, cousins, etc., remain strong in some families, while in others, the damages are maintained just by need but not with love, trust, and affection.

The reason behind this is ego problems like being rich financially or in high social positions compared to others.

Losing opportunities

Every person in this world knows something which others do not know.

In the professional field or relationships, everyone needs others’ help to know information or opportunities around.

Being egoistic will make others hate us, and they do not give the information.

Or else, being egoistic, we do not approach others to know the information.

Many people lose opportunities due to ego problems.

Yet they are unwilling to give up their egos.

Delay in progress

Being egoistic will not win us the support and loyalty of our subordinates, colleagues, and friends.

In such cases, they do not perform well in the team, office, or business, leading to delays in growth or progress.

If we notice a few successful people, they are ready to give higher positions to talented people.

They even provide higher remuneration than what they themselves draw from their companies.

Doing so made them build a great business empire. So Ego curbs progress and blindfolds the realities.

How to keep your ego in check

It is hard to control the ego. But one can overcome ego with correct thought process.

For this you need either of the three mentioned below.

1. Love and affection

When you love someone genuinely like be it your parents, children or teachers etc., you tend to avoid ego in dealing with them. So develop love towards the person you wish to deal with to overcome ego.

2. Being sympathetic

If a subordinate or even your pet hurts you, inturn you can cause significant damage out of anger as your ego will be hurt.

In such a case, trying to understand their limitation can help you develop sympathy.

If one is sympathetic, we tend to deal with them smoothly instead of being hard. This way you will be able to win them over.

3. Remembering you are just a small entity.

When we notice our solar system or galaxy, our earth look like a small pebble. Then we can imagine how insignificant we are interms of this universe.

This way we can appreciate the creation and be humble instead of being egoistic.

Many a times, people tend to deal with other due to ego and inturn cause unwanted pain and trouble to themselves and others.

This mostly turn into our bad karma which can affect us later. Hence, it is essential to overcome ego by simple thoughts.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What is ego in spirituality?
The thought of me, myself, and mine is the ego aspects of spirituality. Through spirituality, one can understand that one is part of this infinite universe and is nothing in isolation leading to submission to divine.
How to kill the ego?
One can kill ego through intense love for god and nature around.

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