5 Bad Effects of Technology in Environment

The effect of technology on the environment is so huge that there are drastic climate changes worldwide.

The damage is seen in the form of global warming, extinction of birds, plants, and also a greater propensity for diseases.

The summers are getting super hot while the winters are getting very chill.

Also, the cold countries are experiencing less cold while hot is experiencing colder and vice-versa.

This makes normal living quite tough than usual. We may need to adopt comforts like air condition systems to tackle the change.

But this will be detrimental to the animals, plants, and climate as a whole.

These changes are due to increased pollution, heat generation, inactive life habits, and excess reliance on gadgets.

negative effects of technology on the environment

1) Increase in Travel

  • This point might seem awkward but, we indeed travel a lot nowadays than in the past.
  • Previously people used to travel very little due to the lack of automobiles.
  • But due to enhanced technology and speed in automobiles, we travel more and unnecessarily sometimes.
Couple with car in forest.
  • By this, we contribute to air pollution directly. We go on tours around the world and even on long drives.
  • This was done even previously when the technology was low. But then the chances of pollution were meager.
  • We relied on horses, camels, and bulls to travel by road. By seas, we relied on large boats and vessels.
  • These methods of travel are time-consuming but are less polluting.
  • But current technology is so advanced that we travel from one part of the world to another in a short time.
  • This is great but has a greater risk for human life and the environment.
  • The pollution generated from these travels is huge. It is in air, water, and even noise pollution types. These pollutions pose health hazards.
  • Also, there is a lack of physical exercise, and we develop sedentary habits.

2) Excess power consumption

City with lights at night
  • Power consumption is high due to technology.
  • We use technology in education, the workplace, at home, and even in remote places. We are addicted to television, smartphones, and other gadgets.
  • So we always need electric energy to make them work non-stop.
  • This electric energy is generated by the use of fossil or nuclear fuels on a large scale. The previous man did not need electricity throughout the day.
  • He needed it for night lighting. Now he needs it 24 hours and in all the seasons to keep his gadgets running.

3) We generate more waste

Waste garbage dump
  • We contribute a large amount of toxic waste in the name of technological up-gradation.
  • Previously people used large-sized computers. For this, we needed large monitors, CPUs, separate keyboards, mouse, etc.
  • Now we tend to use laptops and tablets for their compactness and portability.
  • They do not have separate parts like monitors, keyboards, etc.
  • So in upgrading to laptops, all the large-size desktop computers were disposed into the environment.
  • Similarly, fluorescent bulbs replaced the tungsten bulbs, which were again replaced by incandescent bulbs.
  • These are highly toxic due to the presence of heavy metals like mercury lead in them.
  • This can cause a severe life-threatening health issue.
  • Though older technology is the platform for the development of new technology, we generate much technological waste which is harmful to the environment.

4) Excess use of gadgets

Electronic gadget at work
  • Now a day we can see many people on the roads, on trains, and even in parks busy on their mobiles or tablets.
  • This is more of an addiction to gadgets and the apps inside.
  • This leads to the need for WiFi and other wireless connectivity.
  • Due to this wireless technology, radiation exposure is high leading to silent health problems.
  • Even it is believed that some birds also get extinct in the region of these wifi-enabled areas.

5) Excess Deforestation

Earth movers to cut forests
  • This is possible due to the larger capacity of machinery technology.
  • We can make a wide clearing of greenery in a very short span and also dig tunnels through the hills and mountains.
  • Moreover, we layout vast roads by the clearing of greenery around.
  • Also, this increase in technology makes it easier to build many houses and resorts.
  • However, it seems enjoyable to humans. It is affecting nature.
  • Hence we can see the rapid extinction of many plants, birds, and animals due to widespread deforestation.
  • This is detrimental to the normal environment and climate around.
  • Countries with a good percentage of forest area have a comparatively friendly environment.


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  1. When an history comes peak definitely there will be ruining. Now rapid development makes our human life least. God created environment and animal first because he wanted us to do be guards for them. But now we are destroying both and thinking humans are safer. Without doctor and hospital people lived 120 year life span but our technology limited our lifespan. Which is good?

  2. I feel, out of all the above-mentioned ways of technology in our lives, using technology for teaching is not important at all. Why bring technology in every phase of our lives? Technology can’t be a measure of modernisation.

  3. I am thankful for technology. Advances in technology have saved millions of lives. Take medicine for example. Development of new software, medical devices, equipment, monitors, cancer research, etc. have saved MILLIONS of lives. Mine included. When my dad had heart surgery… When my cousin had a rare form of Leukemia… When i rescued my dog, she needed to amputate her arm. Now think of cell phones (the most commonly hated form of technology)… I am thankful for my cell phone. I love hearing my grandma’s voice when she calls me from across the country. When my sister was hit by a car, she called 911… When my 2 friends died in a car accident, i was able to know quickly…. So before you hate on technology, think of the GOOD that it has done.

  4. Love it!!!! Explains me all the major points……extremely well written and I love the simple and effluent language. Easy for anyone to understand! Also, unlike most articles is very interesting because we all can relate to it. Will surely recommend to all my friends seeking knowledge. Thanks! Keep the good work up!

  5. Technology should be banned I know it’s going to hurt for many of us but hey do you guys still wanna live millions and billions of years of course not us. But the next and next and thousands more of generations?? We are ruining the world for the future of us and our other ones that will soon be coming we can’t ruin it for the rest no tienen culpa de Nada they have nothing to do with it. God gave us this world to have fun yes we are but we’re still killing it. We should have fun in a different way. Reply if you agree with me ik I’m a monster and I admit it cause I use phones and a lot of technology but let’s try to stop until all of this that u see around urself is gone completely and there won’t be no more life of course yes in heaven but not on what will be already history “Earth ? ? ?……”

    • Agreed im a monster 2 im guilty aha but how do u get the rest of the world 2 see it that way kids need 2 play outside as i once did but now its fit 2 by a toddler an ipad 2 play with and now kids just wanna play on there phones its crazy 2 me i mean im still gonna use my phone but only cause its not gonna make a difference unless alot more people understoud this. Thanks it was a good article 2 read

    • I know. This is all so hurting for the environment which doesn’t even need to suffer. We should do something to create awareness around people. I am part of a campaign which promotes environment safety. I just did a campaign on technology stoppage to let animals rest in peace.

  6. Technology has taken over and everything has changed indeed. Care needs to be taken in order to control how we use products that harm the environment. Doing things at the right time………….

  7. alas, you used electric energy,and wifi to put this on the internet……kinda sending a mixed message. though i really care about the earth and enviroment as well. :)

    • Ya..You are right about it. But we have come to a stage where we can’t live without the wifi and electricity. But these very things are the cause of many diseases we suffer and also reason for disappearance of birds around.

    • Agree!!!!!!❤??????? they or at least someone should do something to stop this world from dying ? slowly ?


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