5 Bad Effects of Technology in Environment

The effect of technology on environment is so huge that there is drastic climate changes around the world.

There is damage in the form of global warming, extinction of birds, plants and also greater propensity for diseases.

The summers are getting super hot while the winters are getting very chill.

Also the cold countries are experiencing less cold while hot are experiencing more cold and vice-verse.

This makes the normal living quite tough than usual. We may need to adopt for comforts like air condition system tackle the change. But this will be detrimental to the animals, plants and climate as a whole.

These changes are due to increase in pollution, heat generation, inactive life habits, excess reliance on gadgets.

Effects of technology in environment are as follows;

1) Increase in Travel: We travel more and also unnecessarily sometimes. By this we contribute to air pollution directly. We go on tours round the world and even on long drives. This is was done even previously when the technology was low. But then the chances of pollution was meager. We relied on horses, camels and bulls for travel by road. By seas we relied on large boats and vessels. These methods of travel are time consuming but are less polluting. But current technology is so advanced that we travel from one part of the world to another in short time. This is great but has greater risk for human life and environment.


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The pollution generated from these travels is huge. It is in the form of air, water and even noise pollution types. These pollutions poses health hazards.

Also there is lack of exercise and we develop sedentary habits.

2) Excess power consumption: Power consumption is high due to technology. We use technology in education, work place, at home and even in remote places. We are addicted to television, smart phones and other gadgets. So we always need electric energy to make them work non-stop. This electric energy is generated by use of fossil or nuclear fuels on large scale. Previous man did not need electricity through out the day. He needed it for night lightening. Now he needs it 24 hours and in all the seasons to keep his gadgets running.

3) We generate more waste: We contribute a large amount of toxic waste in the name of technological up-gradation. Previously people used large sized computers. For this we needed large monitors, CPUs, separate key boards, mouse etc. Now we tend to use laptops and tablets for their compactness and portability. They do not have separate parts like monitors, keyboards etc. So in upgrading to laptops, all the large size desktop computers were disposed into environment.Similarly tungsten bulbs were replaced by florescent bulbs which are again being replaced by incandescent bulbs.

effect of technology on environment

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These are highly toxic due to presence of heavy metals like mercury, lead in them. This can cause serious life threatening health issue. Though older technology is inevitable for development of new technology, we generate much technological waste which is harmful to the environment.

4) Excess use of gadgets: Now a day we can see many people on the roads, trains and even parks busy on their mobiles or tablets. This is more of an addiction to gadgets and the apps inside.

This leads to need for WiFi and other wireless connectivity. Due to these wireless technology, the radiation exposure is high leading to silent health problems. Even it is believed that some birds also get extinct in the region of these wifi enabled areas.

5) Excess Deforestation: In the name of development, comfort etc. there isĀ  widespread deforestation. This is possible due to the larger capacity of machinery technology. We make wide clearing of greenery in short span and also dig tunnels through a hill.

satit_srihin/freedigitalphotosMore over we lay out vast roads by clearing of greenery around. Also this increase in technology makes it easier to build many houses and resorts. Though it seems enjoyable to humans. It is definitely affecting the nature. Hence we can see rapid extinction of many species of plants, birds and animals due to widespread deforestation. This is detrimental to normal environment and climate around. Those countries with good percentage of forest area are having friendly environment.

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