Effects of Procrastination on Relationships, academics, and in workplace

Procrastination is a habit of postponement of things to be done on time. Most people have it to a certain extent.

However, this could sometimes lead to problems and even failures in life.

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Many successful people in business or administration have found that their ability to overcome procrastination is the main part of their success.

Procrastination Effects And Consequences

Effects on Relationships

In a relationship, be it with family members, friends, or professional based, one should avoid procrastination.

Because there are chances that others would expect us to do something and if we delay, we tend to break their heart.

There may be chances that they get hurt and try to minimize their relationship with you. So to keep smooth relationships, avoid procrastination.

Procrastination affects family life in many ways and sometimes, even the entire family could be in trouble. The major issues would be in terms of

  • Getting married
  • Having children.
  • loss of health etc.

In a family, one is advised to get married at the right age. Then if it does not happen, it leads to various problems that could sometimes be harmful to the entire family itself.

Some married couples try to postpone the process of having children. This is sometimes done for the sake of comfort, but it could also lead to a chance of a lack of children. So, it is sometimes good to have children at the right time after marriage.

Health is an important aspect that is a concern for every family. If someone is not healthy, then other members would try to take the patient to a doctor at the earliest. In case the family delays it out of procrastination, then a heavy price in the form of death in the member could be waiting.

On Students and academics

Getting educated at the right time helps one to lead a better life. If one delays joining a college or completing their course at the right time, then completing it later would have minimal benefits when compared to those who did it at the right time.

Also, one can study well during his young age than in his old age. You can clear the toughest subjects before the age of 30, but after that, you will tend to feel a lack of strength and willpower to do so.

So, one should be careful to avoid procrastination in education if he wishes to have a better career.

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Negative effects on health

Procrastination of health issues is one of the most common reasons for severe illness and death.

Many people neglect the symptoms of the disease and postpone their appointment with doctors. This sometimes leads to the advancement of disease states in cases of cancer, heart problems, and diabetes. The problem would be so worse that the healthcare would be too late to avoid death or other disabilities.

Hence, procrastination in health issues can have serious drawbacks.

In the workplace and in career

One should have discipline and also lack the habit of procrastination to be recognized in a workplace.

If you are working in a job, you must be careful of your procrastination habits. Sometimes you might skip assignments in a bid to do them later. This can earn you negative remarks from your superiors.

Also, if you wish to change your company of work, it should be done at right time. This can enhance the chances of better pay and position at work.

If you delay, then there are chances of you getting lagged behind in career growth and income perks.

Environment plastic

This point applies specifically to governments and society as a whole. If plastic and other sorts of pollution are not checked in time, there would be no possible ways to correct it again. So, it is important to take of the environment and avoid polluting it before it gets too late.

Procrastination is mostly due to laziness, which is a hard habit to overcome by humans. But to be successful in life in every aspect, it is good to avoid procrastination. By this, you will be doing a favor to yourself, your life and your family.

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