Effect of Strikes / Protests/ Curfews on public life

Strikes and protest have become common in every country as a means to get the governments to do particular amendments or changes in its policy.

In this course of a protest against the governments, the public life or the life of a common man is greatly disturbed.

In a way, it appears as a common man trying to punish himself to get the governments down. During the period of strike or protest, the common man undergoes a lot of unto suffering and turmoil.

Similarly, when there are communal fights or other agitations, the governments impose a curfew to get the agitations under control. Even then people face similar problems like during strikes.

He may have to forgo his wealth, health, career and also enjoyments. sometimes leading to even few deaths.

strikes-11.Loss of income: During strikes and protests there are chances of loss of income

a) Due to inactivity: The shops, corporate and government offices are asked to shut down. This causes loss of income to shopkeepers, governments and corporate institutes.

b) Due to the penalty: Due to strikes, one may not be able to pay the bank loans or other government service charge like electricity bills etc. This will incur a loss of income in the form of penalties for delayed payments.

2. Lack of communications like the post: During strikes, the road transport system and sometimes even rail transport is obstructed.

Not all cities and towns have rail transport so when road transport is blocked, the post and courier system cannot function as they cannot send the parcel out of the city or receive the parcels from other places into the city. So sending any important parcels like applications, demand drafts, books will be impossible.

3. Problems for health care: During strikes due to lack of proper transport facilities, the provision of timely health care will be difficult. If strikes run for long periods, the supply of drugs to the place will be affected.

4. Improper supply of goods: In times of to strikes, the supply of food supplies like vegetables, fruits, and other items becomes difficult due to lack of transport and closure of shops selling them. So one needs to purchase some extra food supplies if strikes are predicted in near future.

5. Delay in works, targets: Prolonged strikes will lead to a delay of works and targets for people. This can inhibit their progress.

6. Price inflation: Due to the limited supply of goods, the price of daily needs especially vegetables, fruits etc will be very high. This inflation in prices will further diminish the financial condition of the common man.

7. Severe disturbance of lifestyle: During festive season or any celebration, the presence of strikes will reduce the intensity of happiness and enjoyment of celebration.

Even other factors like lack of income, insufficient supply of goods add to this disturbance. One may not be able to celebrate their anniversaries in high fashion as even hotels, function halls remain closed during strikes or curfews.

8. Delay in education/careers: This is a severe effect of strike especially on students.

During strikes for the demand of new states, many students lost their academic years as the exams and admissions were postponed. Even strikes affect career as many job interviews and recruitment were indefinitely postponed.

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