10 Difference Between Spirituality and Religion

Religion and spirituality are the ones used in humans society since thousands of years.

It is kind of interesting that despite lack of proof that one has seen God, many millions of us believe his presence (God is real?).

Religion and spirituality both are concerned with God.

They seem to be two sides of the same coin. But the difference between spirituality and religion is immense.

A man who is religious may not be spiritual, and one who is spiritual does not necessarily be religious.

Difference Between Spirituality and Religion

Reasons for itIs a destiny and a way of lifeOut of Compulsion or direction
Begins withAfter life experiences.From birth
Social lifePrefers solitudePrefers gathering
RitualsNot importantPresent and important
Approach to lifeNo or limited desire for existenceDesirous of better life and existence
PreferencesAvoids comforts and does not get habituated to them.Comforts in life
Mind maturityNatural awakening, observation and analysis.Gains trough books and listening to preachings
InclinationSpirituality does not drive to religion.Religion may drive a person to spirituality.
Opinion to GodGod lovingGod fearing one
Peoples in numbersVery few people get spiritual.Many tend to be religious
DeathDoes not fearFears a lot of death and tries to escape from it.

The goal of the person: A spiritual man’s goal is to know what is life an universe. While religious man goal is safe and peaceful life.

What causes him to decide: Many times the society and experiences around are the reasons for both. But spiritual person tends to look within himself due to circumstances, while other looks for help from preachers or family etc.

When does it start: Spirituality can start from childhood for some, but few are also ignited towards it after some thoughtful experiences.Difference Between Spirituality and Religion

Social outlook: A religious person is social and prefers to gather. While the other is self-analyzing, so prefers solitude.

Preferences: Spiritual guys are less interested in material wealth whereas the other may be involved.

Death: For spiritual person death is not a curse, he tends to feel it as liberation from world duties. The religious one is afraid of death and may even try to escape from it.

Mind maturity: Religious mind depends on religious books and preaching for maturity. The spiritual one is self-matured and evolves himself with time.

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