10 Differences Between Spirituality and Religion

Religion and spirituality are the ones practiced in humans society for thousands of years.

It is a kind of interesting concept that despite the lack of scientific proof of the existence of God, many millions of us believe his presence (God is real?).

This is because spirituality starts from the point where science ends.

Religion and spirituality are both concerned with God.

They seem to be two sides of the same coin. But the difference between spirituality and religion is large.

Religion is a way of life to be followed by humans. Whereas, spirituality is a way of understanding life.

Religion is more concerned with living while spirituality is less concerned with living.

A man who is religious may not be spiritual, and the one who is spiritual does not necessarily be religious.

Difference Between Spirituality and Religion

CauseIs a destiny and a way of lifeOut of Compulsion or direction
Starts afterLife experiences.From birth or inducement
Social lifePrefers solitude most of the timePrefers gathering and also may engage in religious conversions.
RitualsNot importantImportant and sometimes rigorous
Approach to lifeThe limited desire for existence and better lifeDesirous of better life and existence
PreferencesMinimizes physical comforts and prefers mental peace. One does not get habituated to physical desires.Likes physical comforts of life and also entertainment.
Mind maturityNatural awakening, observation and analysis.Gains through books and listening to preaching
InclinationSpirituality does not drive to religion.Religion may drive a person to spirituality.
Opinion to GodGod lovingGod-fearing one
Peoples in numbersVery few people get spiritual.Many tend to be religious
DeathDoes not fear of it if well progressed in the spiritual pathFears a lot about death and tries to escape from it.

The goal of the person

  1.  A spiritual man’s goal is to know what is life, the universe, and finally tries to attain enlightenment.
  2. While the religious man’s goal is to be safe, secure and have a peaceful life.

What causes him to decide

Many times the society and experiences around are the reasons for both. However, spirituality starts from within and flows non-stop like an oasis. While religion is enforced from birth by people around. But spiritual person tends to look within himself due to circumstances, while others look for help from preachers or family etc.

When does it start

Spirituality can start from childhood for some, but few are also ignited towards it after some thoughtful experiences. Even those involved in research can also get attracted to spirituality as they feel that the universe and discoveries are never-ending and there is some invisible power controlling it.

A monk in the spiritual practice of meditation

Social outlook

A religious person is social and prefers to gather. While the spiritual person likes to mix with spiritual people or none. He is self-analyzing and likes people and freedom of thought so, he prefers solitude.


Spiritual guys are less interested in material wealth whereas the religious one may be involved. He also dislikes getting married as it can be a deviation in his path. Further, he may not prefer a regular job instead, he may like social service and devotional gatherings.

difference between spirituality and religion
People having a bath for religious rituals


Religious person tries to follow a set of customs and practices in daily life. These are practiced based on observation or guidance from other followers. 

But, the spiritual person could look carefree, less concerned with life habits, etc. However, if he finds the right teacher, he would abide by the rules of his teacher.


For spiritual persons, death is not a curse, he tends to feel it as liberation from world duties. The religious one is afraid of death and may even try to escape from it. A spiritual person can also embrace death if feels it is not required to live anymore.  For those with the highest level of spirituality, even their timing of death is known to them. Hence, we can notice these people giving their indications of death to their followers.

Mind maturity

Religious mind depends on religious books and preaching for maturity. The spiritual one is self-matured and evolves himself with time. If the religious person is kept out of the books and teaching, he may over time lose interest in the religion.

Hence, we can notice religious preachers always try to gather the people of their religion to encourage them to follow their religion. However, a spiritual person’s mind matures with age, experiences, and his devotion to almighty. The religious people would be inclined with religious practices. Sometimes these issues could to problems to society.

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