Why Corruption is Prevalent and is Here to Stay

Corruption has been a habit in few developing countries.

Presently corruption is widespread and extended into every walk of life.

There are many anti-corruption bodies to restrict corruption, yet the issue seems to be raising severely.

Why Corruption is Prevalent

Corruption is not done for personal needs alone.

It has become an essential thing to survive or keep up jobs and positions.

Why Corruption is Necessary

The small officers need to bribe higher officers to get a promotion.

For this, these small officers collect bribes from the common public.

For example, a police officer needs to bribe higher officials to control the entire police institute.

An employee needs to bribe the official who appoints him. So he takes bribes from those people interested in future recruitments.

So the desire to save their careers and get promotions is also the cause of corruption.

The lower-level employees take bribes directly from the commoner.

They do it from hundreds of ordinary men.

This money from bribes is shared among all the officials in the department.

And the higher officials get a higher share.

So there are instances where lower-level employees even visit the places of ordinary people to collect bribes.

They face enormous pressure from higher official to collect bribes.

If there is a raid by the anti-corruption investigation, the lower officials are caught red-handed and then prosecuted while the actual higher rank people are left safe and not pursued.

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