Changing Religion | Why People Change God and its significance

God is one and changing them is indicative of your desperation for getting your desire satisfied.

There are many people who change their god they worship or some of them even change religion.

Some do it when they feel that their desires were satisfied after praying a different god than the previous one they worshiped before. So from then adapt the new god as their sole savior.

Others change the religion for reasons like they were insisted by someone in return for money or favors to do so.

This is the most common practice which is happening from recent past.


Also, there are people who changed their religion and thereby the god they worshiped due to the pressure from rulers or kings to do so in the past.

But changing god has some significant effects on a person’s personal life and also his spiritual progress. Sometimes considering a new god as his favorite might make him progress more in the spiritual path.

The significance of changing gods:

1. Changing gods by personal intention can enhance their spirituality.

They become very regular worshipers to the new god they adapted.

They even try to encourage others to follow the principles of that new god and religion.

2. Those who changed their god or religion might get opportunities like employment and other monetary benefits by those groups who encouraged them to do so.

3. Those who changed their religion might lose their previous relatives and friends as they dislike to move them as before.

4. In the case of arranged marriages, it will be tough to get suitable spouse as the change in religion is not acceptable to those already practicing that religion from very long. Hence one can notice that among Muslims, the converted Muslims will not be given a bride or groom by those original Muslims.

Though changing gods or religion has untoward effects, it might enhance the spirituality or other living conditions of the people.

Things to keep in mind

Religion can be a tool to be misused by some for power and money. So if someone encourages you to change your religion, you need to be aware and take independent decision without being misinformed.

Frequently asked questions and answers.

What is a revert in religion

Converting back to your ancestor religion is called revert in religion.

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