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Rudraksha Benefits and the Rules to Wear them

Rudraksha is the seed of the plant Elaeocarpus ganitrus. By their name, they mean to be the eyes of Lord Shiva. As per Vedas, those who wear them can experience the powers of Lord Shiva quickly. Unlike the astrological gemstones, anyone can wear a rudraksha without a need for caution or consultation. This is because […]

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Spiritual Reading | List of Favorite Books

spiritual reading

By definition, Spiritual reading is a regular process of reading about God, holy books, magazines, articles in an effort to grow spiritually. Have you ever read a holy book related to religion or a spiritual man? You would have felt immense peace and relief from mental stress. Also you would have tried find more of […]

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How to Worship Lord Hanuman| 8 Best Tips for quick Benefits

How to worship lord hanuman

To overcome complex problems in life one should worship lord Hanuman. “This is written with my practical experience of praying hanuman.” Hanuman also called as god with monkey form is one of the most worshiped deity among Hindus. His temples and pictures can be found in all the corners of the world where Hindus live. […]

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