How to Calm the Mind? 8 Easy Tips

how to calm the mind

The human mind is calm during childhood, and it becomes a chatterbox as we grow. But in some intellectual people, it can be hyperactive causing trouble. It does not stay calm and is flooded with … Read more

Attitude of self harassment| 17 Habits in Many

Self harrasmnent

Many people have the attitude of self-harassment in some or another form. This is a habit in the long run and has an effect on one’s lifestyle, family, career, reputation, and health. Self-harassment is an … Read more

Satisfaction | Why is it Important and How we fail to recognize

satisfaction vs comforts

Many people around keep struggling to acquire comforts besides their basic needs like food, clothing, and home. The comforts are essential for better living and satisfaction. The comforts required are in the form of materialistic … Read more

How to Control Ego for Better Life

Many of us will have lost a friend, lover, opportunities due to ego inside us. It is always good to limit our ego. But we should not misunderstand self-confidence as ego. Because self-confidence helps us … Read more