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Importance of Home | For Shelter and Safety

Importance of home

Home is a primary need for human life. Having a beautiful home is a dream for many. A successful person is recognized by his home. Due to the large demand for homes, there is a promising market for real estates. This indicates the importance of home for human life. Importance of Home Keep your Family: […]

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How to Calm the Mind? 8 Easy Tips

how to calm the mind

A mind is a chatterbox in all of us. But to some, it is quite disturbing and troublesome. It does not stay calm and is flooded with thoughts either useful or useless. But this constant mind chatter leads to health issues and also deprives happiness in life. This mind’s hyperactivity is seen due to some […]

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Attitude of self harassment| 17 Habits in Many

Self harrasmnent

Many people have the attitude of self-harassment in some or other form. This is a habit in the long run and has an effect on one’s life style, family, career, reputation, and health. Self-harassment is an intentional way of causing pain or damage to oneself which can affect health, career, relationship, social reputation etc. This […]

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