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Effects of Urbanization | Its Impact on Environment and Society

Urbanization is a concept where more people tend to live in cities by leaving the rural areas. In the past many people used to live in rural areas relying on agriculture. But with improvement in technology and industrialization, more people started to move from villages into towns and then into cities. Effects of urbanization started […]

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What to teach Your Child About His Life

Growing your child is your responsibility. And you are also doing the service to the society by making him a responsible citizen. We need to make him a person is responsible due to his ethics and not out of fear of law. Life is a mix of sorrow and happiness Life is like a bubble […]

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Social Service Benefits | To the Person and Society

Social Service Benefits

Social service is one of the noble causes only a human can do. This is a service which done only to give without expecting any returns. This social service has many benefits Satisfaction For personal growth Recognition Mental or psychological wellness Better environment Better health Clean surroundings To gain People support To manipulate governments For […]

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How to find Happiness in Life ? 10 Practical Ways to Follow

How to find Happiness in Life

Happiness is the ultimate goal of every living being. This happiness can be defined in short as a feeling of well being without any major painful conditions in life. A person would not be happy if he has a long term disease, poverty, lack of knowledge, lack of respect, lack of luxury, lack of family […]

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