Yellow Sapphire Astrological Benefits from Planet Jupiter

This is the gemstone representing the planet lord Jupiter or Brihaspati. It is a yellowish-colored crystal stone to help strengthen or alleviate the effects of Jupiter. Jupiter is one of the prominent planets in astrology. … Read more

Impact of spirituality on Health and Life

impact of spirituality

Spirituality is an approach to life where one tends to understand life on broadway. Instead of living a regular life with desires and struggles, one tries to overcome them and live with peace. Many consider … Read more

How to recognize a spiritual person | 10 Specific Signs

spiritual person

A spiritual person believes that there are different entities within him like his thoughts, mind and body. Spiritual persons can be anyone around at places we regularly keep visiting. Some of them disclose their spiritualness … Read more

Why Should Parents have more than One Child?

single child parents

I would say never have a single child and try to have at least two children. I being a single child of my parents, I write this with my personal experience. Having a single child … Read more