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Ways to Conserve Natural Resources | 10 Practical Methods

Ways to Conserve Natural Resources-forests

Ways to conserve natural resources is a genuine effort needed on part by humans to keep the environment alive and thriving for future survival. But before we go into details, we should know what the natural resources are and how they are available to us. Natural resources are those essentials which are needed for living […]

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How Do Humans Affect the Environment | 6 Negative Ways

Human is the only living being on the earth that is responsible for the destruction of the environment. He does it due to his ability to exploit the natural resources beyond the limits of safety. By the rise in human population, unlimited desire for luxury and heavy dependence on technology. Hence, he contributes to the […]

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How to Save Trees | 8 Beautiful Ways to conserve Trees

how to save trees

Trees are an important connection between nature and life on earth. Without trees, the entire animal and human life can be in danger. We humans out of greed and desire for more, have been destroying these valuable assets of nature. We need to take immediate steps to prevent further damage to trees and ensure our […]

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