Blue Sapphire Benefits| The Gemstone of Shani Dev

It is a stone in dark blue color. Some of them even prefer to wear in black color. This is a gemtone of shani (sturn) lord. If Saturn is in friendly house in astrology, this gemstone will give auspicious results.

Shani is the son of Sun God and brother to god of death (Yama). But interestingly he is considered to be enemy to Sun.

Those who wear it will experience success and rise in income. It also helps one acquire land related property. Obstacles in the path of success will be removed off. It is thought to enhance the life span and provide good health.

It is thought that Shani in friendly position will help in acquiring land properties and also vehicles.

Those who have shani in the enemy position should not wear it. It is one of the evil gemstones which can give harmful effects very fast. Some even believe it causes untimely death and financial losses if worn. So always try to wear it after careful consultation with an astrologer. It should be worn only if the shani is not in enemy sapphire benefits

Also the best alternative to wearing this stone is to pray to lord hanuman. HE is thought to have helped lord shani in times of struggle. So he is pleased by those who worship lord hanuman. So if you find the gemstone to be expensive or unsure about its benefits, the best option is to pray to lord hanuman on regular basis.

How to wear this blue sapphire:

It should be worn in a gold ring on ring finger or as pendant in neck. The stone should be worn only on a Saturday. One should offer prayer to lord shani and offer black cloth and sesame seeds as donations.

Also visit hanuman temple for safe and better results.

Besides, do not wear manik (ruby), pearl, yellow sapphire, Coral gem stones. They are considered to give adverse effects when in combination with blue sapphire.

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