Blue Sapphire Benefits| The Gemstone of Shani God

This is a gemstone representing the planet Saturn or Lord Shani as per astrology. It is worn either as a black or dark-blue colored stone.

Shani is said to the son of “Sun” God and brother to the “god of death” (Yama). But interestingly, he is considered to be an enemy of the Sun.

However, he has immense effects on a person based on the astrological arrangements in birthchart.

If the Saturn is in a weak position in one’s horoscope and is in a friendly position, this gemstone will give auspicious results.

However, if the planet is enermy position, wearing this stone can give harmful effects. Hence, caution is to be exercised to wear this stone.

Advantages of wearing blue sapphire stone

blue sapphire benefits

1. Enhance lifespan

A person lifespan is mostly dependent on the influence of lord saturn. Those with friendly saturn live long with a healthy life.

Those with non-supportive saturn will have short life span. So, those wearing the blue sapphire or worshiping saturn can have longer lifespan.

2. Improves clarity and provides peace of mind

Wearning this blue shappire can bring blessings of the planet and give clear mind that can take decisions with care. This way, one could avoid making mistakes in life and career. Further, due to ease of living with minimal problems, one can experiance peace of mind.

3. Tread spiritual path

A person wearing this gemstone can experiance a desire to have spiritual growth in life. Since, it helps overcome problems in life and gives a spiritual inclination, one is inherently willing to follow spiritual life.

4. Living with honesty

Shani is protector is righteouness and justice. One who has done bad effects would have to experiance them in life.

So with this stone, one is made to experiance those past karma with less painful manner and is bestowed a mind to live in a honest way.

5. Provides health benefits

Shani especially rule over certain health issues. So wearing this stone provides benefit in those ailments.

These can include depression, respiratory, bone, digestive and nerve disorders.

6. Enhances income

Those who wear it will experience success and a rise in income.

It also helps one acquire land-related property. Obstacles in the path to success will be removed.

7. Allevates suffering.

Saturn is said make one experiance past karma. If one has caused pain and agony to others, it would return back to haunt him throug the influence of saturn.

Wearing blue sapphire and worshipping saturn would help the persone experiance those past karma in less painful manner.

The experiance can less intense and in less painful methods.

Those who have Shani in the enemy position should not wear it.

It is one of the gemstones which can have harmful effects very fast.

Some even believe it causes untimely death and financial losses if worn.

So always try to wear it after careful consultation with an astrologer. It should be worn only if the Shani is not in the enemy house.

Also, the best alternative to wearing this stone is to pray to lord hanuman or lord balaji.

He is thought to have helped lord Shani in times of struggle. So he is pleased by those who worship Lord Hanuman.

So if you find the gemstone to be expensive or unsure about its benefits, the best option is to pray to Lord Hanuman regularly.

Negative Effects of malefic Saturn

If Saturn is in the enemy position in the horoscope, he can cause issues with health, wealth and peace of mind.

He can destroy one’s fortunes at a fast pace and make him poor.

There can be health issues like Insomnia, drug addictions, mania and even paralysis.

Positive effects include growth in career, wealth, health and also good relations with people.

How to check if blue sapphire suits you

Once you decide blue stone suits through vedic astrological recommendation, you need to test if it suits you.

Before that, refer free gemstone recommendation sites for suitable stone with correct weight that suits you.

Then go for testing it at home to see if it is safe to use.

Factors like wrong stone recommendation or defects in the physical stone can have bad effects.

This is even important for stones like blue sapphire, emerald, diamond, hesonite etc., as they can cause untoward effects.

So, testing them will enhance the confidence to wear them .

* To test, procure the blue sapphire stone (of recommended weight) from gemstone sellers. It should be of uniform color and without any cracks.

Then on a saturday, place the stone near your favorite diety at your place of worship for 9 days. If you don’t have any untoward effects in daily life, it is safe to wear.

Another way is, take the blue stone in a black cloth, pray to lord saturn and tie it to your upper arm and notice for 3days.

Lack of any problems would indicate it to be a good stone. If you notice any ill effects interms of health, finance, career, relations, then abandon the stone immediately and respectfully into a safe place like a river or well.

If you find it safe, proceed to fix it in a suitable jewel as a ring or locket to wear.

You can the stone fixed in a suitable jewel form from a credible maker like silver rush.

How to wear this blue sapphire

It should be worn studded in gold or silver as ring on the ring finger or as a pendant on the neck.

The stone should be fixed in such a way that, the stone can touch the skin when worn.

The stone should be worn only on a Saturday.

One should offer prayer to Lord Shani and offer black cloth and sesame seeds as donations.

Recite this mantra 108 times before you wear the stone.

Om Praam Preem Praum Saha Saneshcharaya Namaha.

Also, visit either Balaji Temple or Hanuman temple for safe and better results.

Once you wear the gemstone, recite the mantra every Saturday.

Also, visit the temple of either lord Balaji or hanuman temple to amplify the stone strength.

One can even recite Hanuman Chalisa or Vishnu sahasra nama to get favorable results.

Avoid wearing other gemstones like ruby stone, pearl, yellow sapphire, and coral gemstones.

They are considered to have adverse effects when in combination with blue sapphire.

Non-gemstone-based remedies

If you are hesitant to wear the gemstone or unable to afford it, you can follow the below remedies like.

  1. Donating a banana to a monkey on Saturday.
  2. Giving sugar to black ants.
  3. Have a head bath with sesame oil.
  4. Importantly recite the hanuman Chalisa or Vishnu sahasra mantra along with visiting their temples.
  5. Wear a rudraksha beads of 4 or 7 faces.

Frequently asked questions and answers.

How to check the blue sapphire gemstone
Gemstones with cracks or damage will have unwanted effects. Take the blue sapphire and notice for uniformity of color and texture. You can hold it against bright light or sunlight to check.
Where to buy a blue sapphire gemstone
It is safe to buy from certified sellers either offline or online.
Can I wear emerald and blue sapphire together?
Yes, emerald and blue sapphire can be worn together.
Does blue sapphire bring good luck?
Yes, it does but only for those with friendly Saturn placed in their astrological kundalini.


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