Benefits of Prayer in Health, Education and Life

Prayer is an intense communication with almighty. In one word it is talking to the creator.

It is been done from ages by man for consolation, peace of mind and mental strength.

But to many, doing this prayer has given compassion and peace of mind. They Even feel contended and lose any feeling of guilt.

Saint Jesus attained his spiritual prosperity through his regular prayers. We can see that he practices regular prayer and used to say prayer can be done from any place in the world. He also mentions the doing prayer brings closure to god. Further, the oasis of wisdom starts flowing from within.

Even Mr. Gandhi exclaimed that “Prayer had saved my life, Without prayer, I would have been a lunatic long ago”.

So there are tremendous benefits due to prayer.

Important Benefits of Prayer

For hope

Prayer brings hope in you. If you are disturbed or even depressed and unable to be content, payer helps you. Once you pray, you will feel relieved of mental stress and have a ray of hope for life. If you wish to accomplish something, then prayer give you strength to move forward even in case of hard times.

benefits of prayer

So, when one is mentally disturbed, praying to almighty help gain strength to overcome the disturbance.

For success

Many people are successful due to regular prayers. I am one of them who can openly say prayers helped in during studies and other hard times in life.

I remember once, where I wanted to score good grades during my higher education. I used to pray regularly asking for help to achieve the goal.

And at the end, I came out successful with all the fame and respect in my college. So, I believe, that prayer can make you successful.

Even, after that many ties prayer helped me achieve my goals in terms of family, marriage etc. So, if you wish to be successful in life go for prayer.

Prayer gives you confidence and helps you to focus more towards your goal. It further creates a strong determination in you to achieve those goals.

It also helps you get out of other bad habits and distracting things in life gradually. So one of the important benefits of prayer is you will be successful in life.

For health

Health benefits of prayer include stress relief and positive attitude. Regular prayer helps to relieve you from stress. Stress is the main contributing factor for sickness or illness. It leads to the development of new diseases and also enhances the severity of existing diseases. So minimizing stress would relieve you from diseases. Since prayer helps you to keep stress at bay, you will stay healthy. Prayer minimizes stress by allowing to stay in the right path, take the right decisions and live in a friendly way in the society. Due to this gradually you lose stress and stay healthy.

Prayer also contributes to positive attitude. Positiveness helps overcome depressive thoughts and also anxiety. So, with regular prayer one tends to get out of health ailments caused due to psychological problems.

For a sense of security

Prayer makes you feel secure. I think this is the primary reason why many people go for prayers. If you are alone in life, or your family members are in trouble you will feel insecure. Even during a job or work, due to politics or other issues, you may feel insecure. During those times, prayer is the best remedy to have a sense of security. In general, during such times we tend to run behind other for help and a sense of security. But instead, try praying to almighty and see the difference. You will be feeling secure instantly after doing it. Also, regular prayer will make move out of the chances of insecurity in life.

For luck

Luck is one of the ingredients for success. Many people believe hard work is the prime reason for success. I too agree with them but, besides hard work luck is critical elements.  During the recent United States election, I did not expect Mr. Trump will be the winner due to intense negative media propagation. But still, besides his intense campaign, luck seems to have made him win the presidential race.

If you have money, you can buy an opportunity or even at max the position. But, still, if you do not have luck, you may lose health or encounter any other problems before you take it. So, luck is the essential force which you get by universal power. Prayer helps you get lucky for many opportunities. And those who pray regularly say they have experienced miracles due to prayer. These miracles are mostly luck related issues.

For Strength

Prayer makes you stronger mentally. As we discussed before, prayer enables confidence in you, gives a sense of security, relieves stress. Further, any negative thought or distractions are removed from you. All these factors enable mental strength in you due to which you will have more energy. If one does it regularly, it gives better health and approach to life making him or stronger.

For marriage life

Marriages are said to be made in heaven. This is not a just a phrase but it is a real fact in this real world. Two people staying together whole life is not an easy option. There will be many chances which can split them apart like personal conflicts, incompatibility, lack of children, the death of one of the partners etc.

benefits of prayer

Prayer helps to overcome most and if not all of the problems and help to have a long and enduring life. This, I have seen in many peoples lives and if you encounter someone with successful marriage ask them.  You will get an answer that besides their effort some invisible force kept them together. This invisible force is enhanced by prayer.

Hence, praying together will enhance the understanding in between the married couple and also bring them closer.

For spiritual growth

For those in spirituality, a prayer is a great tool for progress. There are many methods like spiritual reading, spiritual gathering, association with a teacher etc. But, if one of these available, prayer is the best tool for spiritual growth. It instantly connects you with god and helps to achieve wisdom.

Clarity of thought

Doing prayer, slows down your thought process and mental excitement. By this one can think with a clear mind avoiding being in a haste. This helps you to take better decisions and avoid mistakes in life.

During education

benefits of prayer

Prayer is practice in some schools and colleges.  The intention is to guide students in the right path and also have a sense of dignity, humble outlook and prepare for the work. As mentioned before, in my experience, prayer can enhance the learning skills and also the grades of students. So regular prayer during education is essential.

So with so many benefits, it is advisable to pray daily once in the morning. The prayer for healing could be done twice or more times in a day.

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  1. I have loved that but I would like to ask.
    How do I pray always? Find it had to pray and I run out of words while praying.
    I really love to know how to pray.

    • Hi Julie! Prayer cannot be done non stop. A prayer from deep down the heart lasts for just few minutes like 2 to 5min. But trying to do beyond that would be more of a ritual and not prayer at all.

      Next, what is your quest about, is it about how to always pray or be always connected with god?

      Prayer can be done for short time in intervals. But one can still connect with god while not praying.
      Let me know if you still have queries.


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