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Love Problem | Reason for Complications & Solutions

Love problem

Love is one of the wonderful feelings in the world a human can ever get. Even the thought or recalling past memories of love will relieve any person of stress and make him happy right at the moment. The feeling of love is so powerful and liked by many. Hence you notice that most of the […]

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Personal Development|6 Skills For Self Improvement

There are many books on tips for Personal development. Why do we need it? We all have certain personality and based on it our life style and growth depends. So those interested to have better life and career growth think of development in their personality. But this doesn’t imply that we need to change our personality or character. […]

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Types of Corruption | With Examples & Related consequences

Types of corruption-political

Corruption is a social evil where the quality of service is lost for the unaccounted benefit. The crime is prevalent worldwide in most countries. Only the degree and extent of it varies. Corruption types are many based on the means used for the purpose, the level, effect, and impact, etc. But since corruption is a […]

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