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Relationship karma | How it Affects Your Life & Destiny

Relationship karma decides our family, career

Relationship karma indicates how relationships are formed, how they affect the people in it, how they guide them for the future. As per Hinduism, relationships occur out of previous karma. Karma means the “past deeds”. And none can escape the law of karma. If you do good karma, you will have good karma to return […]

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What to teach Your Child About His Life

what to teach your child about life

Growing your child is your responsibility. And you are also doing the service to the society by making him a responsible citizen. We need to make him a person is responsible due to his ethics and not out of fear of law. Life is a mix of sorrow and happiness Life is like a bubble […]

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Media influence on society | Both the Negative and Positive Ways

Media influence on society through manipulated news coverage

Media has positive impact on the society as long as it is free from political compulsion and the monetary perspective. Media was encouraged by the governments to influence the public opinion. This influence was for the betterment of the country or for personal gains. The media has ruled the masses for a quite longtime until […]

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Social Service Benefits to the Person and Society

Social Service Benefits

Social service is one of the noble causes only a human can do. This is a service which done only to give without expecting any returns. This social service has many benefits Satisfaction For personal growth Recognition Mental or psychological wellness Better environment Better health Clean surroundings To gain People support To manipulate governments For […]

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