Astrology facts | Basics Regarding Birth, Compatibility and Events

Astrology is an art that tries to predict future or personal characters.

It is widely used by people from many countries to predict their future, solutions to problems, health issues, etc.

Though it has no scientific backing, many people still rely on it for their day-to-day activities.

Every person’s character and future can be described to some extent by astrology.

Astrology competes with science in predicting monsoons, rainfall, eclipses, etc. In some instances, science fails, but astrology wins.

Even well-educated people and scientists believe in horoscopes, and many books are authored on them.

Horoscope facts

1. Astrology is not a blind belief but is an art based on calculations and observations.

2. Humans believed in astrology many centuries ago.

3. Even today, many astrological predictions are right and are comparable to science predictions.

4. No two astrologers predict the same or foretell the same when questioned. They may not match with their predictions 100%. They do have different forecasts for the same person for some time.

5. Astrology helps overcome problems in life if used carefully and with limitations.

6. Not all people can be good astrologers. It depends on individual skills

7. Forecasts or solutions given by astrologers can have untoward effects if there are errors during prediction.astrological facts

8. Astrology is also taught in some reputed universities in the world.

9. Famous astrological arts include western, Chinese, and Hindu astrology.

But the depth and details of a person or an event can be best described through Hindu astrology as it relies on time, latitude, the longitude of birth, or occurrence.

10. Astrology can predict a person’s character, health, prosperity, marriage, and even death. Zodiac signs in astrology give an idea of the person who is born in it.

11. There are nine planets in astrology, with the sun included. But the sun is not the planet as per science.

These planets are considered in a horoscope due to their enormous influence on the person and his character.

12. Astrology provides solutions for health, prosperity, and other issues in life in the form of gemstones, yantras, mantras, and other valuables.

Facts regarding the birth

Astrology can give a tentative date of when the delivery happens.

It can also predict the gender of the child based on the parent’s horoscope.

Horoscope facts for marriage

Horoscope can help to check the compatibility of the couple who wish to get married. The compatibility includes their mental well-being, offspring (children), the longevity of the marriage, and prosperity.

Horoscope is also good at predicting eclipses, rainfall, crop yield, business success, etc.

A person willing to go into business can also know into which sector his work would help succeed.

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