Am Ranga. Nr, the editor of this website. I am a professor in pharmacology and also a farmer. As you might have known, peace of mind is one of the essential requirements of life.

As per the Gautham Buddha, ‘If you do not control your mind, your mind controls you.’

This indicates how important it is to control the mind for personal and social well-being.

Our mind is the cause of all the sorrows, health problems and social disturbances.

But this mind can be trained to have peace with proper relationships, spiritual life, and a better lifestyle.

This also regulates social issues and provides a safe environment for us to survive.

We, humans, keep running daily behind movies, entertainment, hotels, pubs in search of one thing called happiness.

But, animals on the street possess this peace of mind while the highly educated humans lack. This is because we have an analytical mind while they do not. But the same analytical mind thinks and moves in the wrong way creating trouble.

So this site is dedicated to imparting knowledge on how to gain peace of mind naturally and to a complete extent by guiding through spiritual lines, social relationships, help through astrology and more.

You can contact us at contact(at)mindcontroversy(dot)com.

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