Towards some Peace of Mind

Mind is the most contagious thing in the world. It is never silent and always busy. It is the cause of all the sorrows, health problems and social deterioration.

Many people suffer from some or other mind related problems and many of them or not notice or described properly in scientific terms. Those so called mind related problems or mood disorders which are scientifically recognized and diagnosed are not understood to the complete extent regarding their psychopathology and mode of treatment.



Yet we humans keep running daily behind movies, entertainment, hotels, pubs etc in search of one thing called fun or happiness. In due course they are many people with this life style addicted to drugs, tobacco, alcohol etc. They seem to be enjoying but in-fact  deep down in their hearts they know they lack one important virtue i.e. is peace of mind which is the real entertainment for the body of all ages.

This peace of mind is possessed even by animals on the street but not by the highly civilized, wealthy and wise humans.

So this site is dedicated to impart knowledge on how to gain peace of mind in natural way and to a complete extent by guiding through spiritual lines.