Why educated youth in India don’t like to enter politics

India is one of the biggest democratic countries int he world. Which means the head of the state is elected by the people. But one can notice that in India politics is done by certain families alone. Hence you can hear terms like family or dynasty politicians because those with political family background are mostly in politics and very rarely self prospered educated youth.

In the western countries this is quite different and many enter politics based on interest. Even you can notice many western or developed country youth taking up subjects like law, political science, social studies for education but more Indian youth opt for engineering, medicine, management sort of studies.

But Indian youth have best talents in the world. They occupy prominent places in sectors like software and other businesses. One can read success stories like of the Microsoft CEO, Nokia CEO, Google + builder, doctors and many more. Though they have great skills and explore themselves into other fields, only very few come into politics and explore their political thirst.

Indian youth politcs

So why educated Indian youth do not enter politics?

Lack of money: In India politics is not just run by personal image or ideology but also by money to a large extent. The amount required to enter politics is quite huge that even any first rated employee can’t afford it. In the recent elections of may 2014, the election commission fixed the cost of election campaign for a candidate at state level as rs. 25 lakhs and for loksabha level as 75 lakhs rupees. But to many politicians this number is funny. It is believed that to get seat from any well organised political party one has to spend crores of rupees. Then for getting publicity by advertisements and other modes crores of rupees and to ask the voters to come and vote for their candidature few more crores of rupees have to be spent. So it looks like any political candidate who needs to be successful needs to spend around Rs 5 to 100 crores depending on the competition level. So any highly talented educated youth will not be making so much of money.

Lack of muscle power: Besides money, one also needs to have muscle power. That he has to maintain a group of people who always stay with him or move with him and even ready to fight for him and save him from physical violence. Besides he also has to save his family. Any talented youth with sweet voice and tender looks may not be able to command a group of  men to give him physical strength against the opposition. And if he fails doing so, not only him but even his family can be in trouble.

Lack of encouragement: To get into politics or any other field one needs encouragement be it from family or teacher or friends but in Indian scenario many of them around will not encourage you to get into politics. They even discourage you so much and even part away from you. The idea is they think politics is a garbage filth.

Lack of proper vision: This is quite contradictory, Indian youth consider growth in life as own or personal aspect. They do not consider that growth of nation or society is also needed for better life style. Even if they understand that still are of the opinion that society can’t be changed by them alone. But in a nation or society, personal growth and social growth run side by side.

Lack of social responsibility: This might be quite harsh to say but some educated youth are so irresponsible towards society and its conditions. Even you can notice that many educated youth do not go for utilizing their vote as they do not want to waste their time standing in the “Q” for their turn. But on the other hand the so called common man or less educated people go for utilizing their right to vote.

Even if there is an accident or some quarrel, the educated people do not care to look for what happened or do any help. They are afraid to take even small pain or risk for society.

So with all above factors and limitations in mind, the educated Indian youth hesitate to enter into politics. They silently keep up their day-to-day work and lead a so called contended life assuming that society can’t be changed.

But in the current political situation in India the trends are slowly changing and the number of Indian youth interested in politics is slowly on the rise.

  1. Abhay Pratap Singh

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