Why is it easy to succeed at a new place

It is easy to succeed  in a new place than our native place of birth. Have you seen such a thing in your life? If not try once with full freedom and courage. :-)

Even Indian freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi, Hollywood movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger were successful after going to new places from their native place.

Mahatma Gandhi experimented his non-violence principle against English rule in Africa successfully and then came back to India and lead the freedom struggle against the english to bring independence to India. What ever mahatma learnt practically was in a foreign land and not in India. But he had his theoretical knowledge in India.

Arnold Schwarzenegger once remarked “I came to U.S. without a single penny but now America gave me everything.” As he said he was born in Austria, migrated to united states, then became Hollywood super star and also governor to  the state of California.

courtsy;renjith krishnan

courtsy;renjith krishnan

These types of examples can be seen in many people’s life. So why these people succeed so well in a new place than those who were there for a long time. This has some interesting reasons like

1) One exploits new advantages in a foreign land which are generally neglected in native lands. In native place one tries to carry on family business or any limited opportunity present at that place. At a new place he has no option but explore new options and advantages to be successful.

2) Presence of suitable opportunities: One may not find suitable opportunities to succeed or excel in the field of interest in his home town or country so when he migrates to a new country with that opportunity he gets a chance to succeed in the desired area.

 3) Life and work with free mind: Since one is in a new country, he finds it easy to live and work freely without any compulsions and social ambiguity. He need not worry about his status or prestige or what others think of him if he does so and so work.

4) New place seems more romantic and enjoyable: For many new place may seem more romantic and colorful to explore himself and also the surroundings. This gives excitement and enthusiasm to succeed in a new place.

5) We have less enemies at new place: There are instances where or those jealous of us to prevent our success.

6) Forget all past failures and start a new life. When one goes to a new land he can forget all his past failures, sad moments and start a new life.

7) A desperate need to survive: In a new place one need to survive with caution than that required at native land. So he learns the new society, earning modes to survive there.

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