How people use Facebook| Benefits & addiction

People use facebook vividly for many purposes and also time pass. Some people’s entire day to day happenings are posted on Facebook. Others do it only on occasions while, few have an account to keep a watch on how their friends are doing.

This has become a habit in some people that they can never live a day without logging into their fb accounts. In one sense they are addicted to facebook.

Those people who are not addicted to facebook still use it for their career or business.

facebook-1courtsy:Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee

Facebook is largely used by those people who like to survive on public glare.

The students and workers with less work and more time to spend in office use Facebook very much. Hence one can see those guys doing their masters or doctoral degree spending more time on facebook. Those people with unemployment also spend good time on fb.

Other have an account to populate their views and ideas like politicians, social workers. Even election campaigns are held using this social sharing site. This is because it is cheaper and wide spread than direct campaigns.

Even during adverse weather or natural disasters, these sites help in giving right information instead of bloated information like the news channels give.

Though the site seems to be a good time pass and advantageous to people using it, it is also a time waste in another sense.

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