How people differentiate themselves based on caste, religion, grades etc.

People since ages have kept on differentiating themselves based on one or other form of efficiency or deficiency or possession to run the society in particular manner. These divisions or differentiations were reasons for controversies.

Not all divisions are controversial but few are so controversial that they disturb normal life of many people.

For instance

  1. Martin Luther king’s struggle to get freedom for blacks from whites in America.
  2. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s struggle to get importance for his people who were treated as lower caste among Hindu society

are some of the good examples of these controversies. Even after many years of these struggles there exists differentiation as an indicative of people reluctant nature to change.

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These divisions or differentiations are of many types like

a)      Based on skin colour like whites, browns and blacks.

b)      Economic status differences among countries like developed, developing and under developed.

c)      Social status as rich, middle class and poor financially.

d)     Education based like educated, uneducated, well educated, moderately educated, professional, non professional etc.

e)       Based on castes in a religion like among Hindus as BRAHMIN’s, KSHATRIYAS, VYSYAS, SUDRAS  etc. among Muslims as shiya Muslims, Sunni Muslim’s etc. among Christians like those………..Gender based like male given more remuneration than females etc.

These differentiations sometimes become very controversial that those oppressed by these systems go for revolutions or protests to erase the mal practice.

Though these protests lead to some changes on paper but in practice they are either less successful or extremely misleading.

For instance still whites treat blacks in a lower manner. They are against marriage between a black and white person.

On the other hand the reservation system given by Indian constitution to the upliftement of lower castes seems to be misleading. The method has brought about economic dissimilarities extra and more conflicts among the people off same caste. Some sects in the same caste fight for reservation among the available, while some not considered for reservation protest for reservation (In Indian state of Rajasthan gujjar’s protest is an example)

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