How does Media Affect Society| 5 Negative points

Media is considered as the 4th pillar of democracy. But the media in democratic countries is misused by some in the disguise of freedom.

Here i am talking about news channels and not social media.

In many countries the media plays a key role in influencing the people’s mood. They try to change the voter mind and bring the desired party into power.

They can also make a lay man a overnight hero and the figure of politics.

This is all is done with business intentions in mind. This is OK as far as it is not problematic to the state or nation. But still many media houses are anti-national and keep the people lives under risk.

They keep their personal interests ahead of the nations interest.

So they try to telecast the news which they like or which suits their interest. They are least worried about the nations growth or security.

Hence we can notice that many media houses are owned by business men or political parties. If not the media owner is affiliated to some political party.

They do this heinous disgrace to the nation just for personal interest. And when a government tries to control them, they cry foul and say it is restriction to the freedom of speech and expression. how does media affect society

And in claiming so they tend to see that there are no rules framed to keep them under control.

I presume there is a definite need to restrict media like in communist countries for the nations benefit.

But still we cannot hold this opinion in the same line to the media in all countries. Many developing countries have media houses which are citizen concerned. They try to protect the nation than keeping its interest in risk and loss. So these opinions do not apply for those media which are of nation first attitude.

How does media affect society:

1. Influencing the peoples mind

2. Interference with investigations.

3. Damage to personal privacy and reputation.

4. Irresponsible live telecast during police operations.

5. Elevating non-issues.

Influencing the peoples mind: Media’s biggest strength is its ability to reach the people’s mind and heart. So what ever they say repeatedly can almost change the perception of people’s mind. Hence they try to influence the minds of people in such a way that suits their personal interest.¬† They project a crime a lesser crime or small offense as bigger crime.

Interference with investigations: When there is an investigation going on by court and police, the media tries gets its own notes about it. They run behind the concerned people and try to get their opinion and facts. Also they try to influence the police who are investigating the case by revealing facts. This they may do it in right manner or in a way to derail the case into wrong way. So though it is not their duty, they take up investigations to increase their PR ratings so as to gain more viewers and more monetary benefits.

Damage to personal privacy and reputation. Recently i saw a case with a claim that mother had killed her daughter. Interestingly, all the national media were telecasting it in 24/7 fashion. Except that news there was no other news. In-fact that was a case of one family and common man has nothing to do with it. But they aired it more than 90% of their time leaving other issues important to nation. By doing this they not only seem useless to nation, but also harassing the family even before courts gave them some punishments. In such instances, media seems to be out of guard and even against rights of people.

Irresponsible live telecast during police operations. During terrorists attacks, there seems to be live telecast of the scene. This way they try to gain PR ratings. But it is believed that these telecasts help the terrorist get first hand information of the situation and create more destruction.

Elevating non-issues. Media many a time focus on non-issues. Even there is no such situation, they try to malign someone or some party.

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