Disadvantages of Democracy| 8 important points to consider

Most countries in the world are democratic. The leaders are elected by masses for specified term.

India is the biggest democratic country in the world.

Yet it is still a developing country after many years of independence. While China is developed country with same time period of independence. This is because of few disadvantages of democracy rule.

The democracy rule is also responsible for wide spread of corruption. Due to democracy there is no single power who can control misbehavior of small leaders. The lower rank officer can defy his superior in-spite of being unfair in his job.

Hence forth all leader & officials try to steal the resources of the country and deceive people.

disadvantage of democracyIn countries which have one supreme power the extent of corruption is limited.

This is because the power to execute the bills or laws are present under that supreme person so those companies who intend to bribe will do it to the supreme power and his subordinates. Other officials also will be in his control and possibilities of misbehavior are limited.

But in democracy where there is no supreme power, the bribe is demanded by all the leaders.

So in one sense all leaders are ready to steal the resources of the country or state as they intend to be very rich.

The more the thieves the more the robbery and hence country becomes poor.

For this again prices are hiked to maintain budget of the government and again that money is misused. No one has the power to question and even if someone questions no one is there to answer. The leader try to abuse each other and the common man is tiered to see their drama.

If we considers kings rule like Aurangzeb, he levied heavy taxes on people. But this was not a problem as only the king was trying to be rich.  Further he also tries to conquer other states and so his riches comprise from other lands as well. But in this case of democracy everyone tries to be a leader and when they get a chance they will try to be rich by corruption. So there are more number of people who are ready to rob the resources and cause trouble to people within the state.

In other way if we see there is no protection to common man. There is a sense of “no one cares for anyone” and lower rank officer will try to defy his superior as both of them are corrupt.

This does not mean communism is better but the freedom given by democracy should not vested to safe guard from self misbehavior.

5 Disadvantages of democracy:

1. There is chance for wide spread and evergreen corruption.

2. There is not protection for common man as the leaders itself try to misuse or misbehave in the public.

3. The leaders try to play divide and rule games. They divide the people based on religion, caste, languages etc and try to gain votes to get power though their are not worthy to rule the state or country.

4. They encourage unfair business practices to get support for election campaigns. This we can see as most politicians support rich people for their business aspirations in turn for monetary benefits like party funds etc.

5. The sole motto of the politicians is to get into power to make money and benefits but not benefit the country. So they use protest and strikes as a means for publicity. Previously these strikes and protest lead to democracy. French revolution, American revolution etc. lead to establishment of democracies. But currently behind every strike and protest there is a hand of political party. The political parties can even halt the parliaments and senate from functioning smoothly. In places where there are multiple parties in a house. We can notice incidents where in one party tries to obstruct the house and see that voice of others are not heard.

Also due to these politically provoked strikes and protest, the common man is at loss. During strikes, the shops and markets remain close. When these strikes run for week and even months, income sources suffer. But in-spite of this, the parties aim at their publicity but not the plight of common man. And if someone questions this, they say it is their right protest as provided by the democracy.

So in one way, democracy leads to conflicts instead of prosperity.

6. Ignorance of the masses is taken for a ride. Democracy means anyone can be elected by masses to rule. But we can see there are also dynastic rules. Grand parents and grand children of the same family rule. This can be see in few developing countries. This is because, they exploit the masses emotionally.

In past during kings rule, the successors of the throne were rude to the people. They did not even know the lay problems of common man. So they could not provide peaceful rule. Democracy is a way to overcome this problem.

The intention in democracy is that any one elected by common public should govern the nation. But the dynasty families make up a party and all their party workers work for them. Thus the very basic idea of democracy is destroyed. Even people also vote for them as they are brain fed by media and party workers. Hence you will see selfish and less capable people taking the power in hands.

Even you can notice film actors getting into power with no much exposure. This is because, the people fail to foresee the consequences of such rule. They vote with just without any though of future. They do for their caste, or film heroes or media created gods.

7. Media misuse: In dictatorial and communal rules you can notice, journalists cry for their freedom and rights. But in democracy, media try to fool the people such that they can influence the voting behavior. In many countries, media channels work for some or other party. They even have no value for the nation. They even make news which can be problematic to the countries security. Their goal will be just to portray one leader as bad and other as good be it whatever.

8. Lack of justice: Democracy is one where is there is delay in justice. You can notice that in kings, communal rules, the punishments are not only sever but very fast after crime. But in democracy, the punishment can be declared after all those involved in the case become old or even die. So democracy can seem to more evil.

For more go through the interesting book on why democracy does not lead to prosperity but to social conflict.

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