Current Political situation in India

Current political situation in India seems to quite stable than before. Now the common man feels he has got his desired government and he can just focus on his work and career to move ahead in life. This is because he is confident that the present government will do the duties it ought to do and so there is no burden on him to see who is ruling him.

The political situation is quite imbalance even with lack of proper strong opposition in the loksabha. But still the condition is not out of way as the opposition in rajyasabha seems to be quite strong.

In state levels, most of the governments are quite stable and heading towards growth. In some states the political parties are getting ready for next elections.

Situation before MAY-2014 elections:

In India the political situation is not supportive to people. The aim of political parties is not the growth and development of the country but just to gain power for personal growth and development.

Most of the corruptions, scams and malpractices are happening at the cost growth and well being of common man.

Those having power and their near ones benefit from the special provisions of the constitution like police protection, free accommodations, travel, medical facilities, education etc. while these facilities are getting farther from general public for whom they were meant to be.

# 1 current political situation in India


The current situation of political parties:

♠ The national level parties do not have any chances of coming into power independently and hence are ready to form alliances. This is done at the cost of giving extra favors or benefits to the parties giving support

♠ Further the number of political parties is raising leading to breakage or division of votes between parties. This leads to a situation wherein no party gets full majority and hence they form groups latter to form the government.

♠ In some states there are regional parties based on caste (U.P) or based on fanaticism (Tamil Nadu). Here people are willing to vote for them expecting their needs and requirements will be fulfilled better than national parties. This seems to be partly right when one sees Tamil leaders occupying better positions as central ministers and bringing benefits to their state. While seems wrong when the expectations are not fulfilled as in other states.

♠ On the other hand in some states like Himachal there are only two parties with no scope for growth of other parties. Thus people have no option but to vote for either any one of them. Hence the party leaders there who win the election enjoy power and resent into scams and other corruptions fearlessly.

Mindset of politicians:

♦ The politicians are willing to get power at any cost by any means. This includes deceiving people, luring people with some favors like giving beneficial schemes, dividing the states, eradicating the opposition etc.

♦ No politician is willing to accept any allegation about them. They blindly deny the allegations by not having responsibility to their positions.

♦ They are always ready to run behind or support the mighty persons for sake of position in the government or favors from it.

The current situation of voters/ Indian public:

♠ They are in endless amount of confusion like who is giving them favors or beneficial schemes (i.e. state or central govt.), they are also confused if the governments are favoring them or deceiving them with schemes.

♠ They are undecided and and are not clear about whom to vote.

♠ They are unclear about their needs and requirements and which party or leader can provide them with honesty and efficiency.

The mindset and condition of voters (common man):

♦ They have no unity among themselves.

♦ Ready to be lured by temporary favors like money, alcoholic beverages or other small favors by the politicians during the time of elections.

♦ Ready to support the leader belonging to their caste or religion blindly without even considering if he is a criminal or responsible citizen.

♦ Ready to forget past miserable incidents or scams occurred under the previous rulers or political parties. Ready to excuse any kind of misbehavior of politicians.

The current political situation in India is so complex and cannot be corrected by one person or one principle.

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