7 Advantages of Part Time PhD over regular or full time PhD

PhD (doctor of philosophy)  is a higher qualification which entitles one for easier promotions in jobs, better remunerations, recognition and also a satisfaction in education. PhD is available in many subjects and offered by most universities. so anyone with a desire to pursue can easily get an admission. Part time PhD has many advantages over full time PhD. Let’s see below

7 Advantages of Part Time PhD

1. Do it along with your current job/ busyness. If you are into a job to sustain yourself or into a busyness which you cant leave for sake of higher studies, part time PhD is a good option. This is also suitable for house wives who can pursue their education besides taking care of their family.

2. Less chances of financial stress: In full time PhD fellowships or scholarships are provided for just coping up with daily needs. So if you have a family dependent on you or  deriving good monetary benefits from your previous work, it will be tough to continue full time or regular PhD with the fellowships. So doing PhD on part time basis decreases the chances of financial stress.

3. Do it from your home town: Many of us are fond of our homes or native towns or states. The chances of availability of institutes for regular PhD nearby is low. In these cases part time PhD’s are good options to pursue from the comfort of native state or town.

4. Do it in your own speed: Regular PhD’s have certain strict time limitation to do the job, this is a bit lower in part time PhD. So you will have time

5. Gain qualification besides experience: A fresh regular PhD with no experience is less preferred into high paying jobs than a candidate who has PhD besides some regular job experience. So if one is into job and completes his PhD in part time basis, he has better promotions and packages than an inexperienced full timer.

6. Lack of direct harassment from seniors or supervisors in case: It seems that there are cases of mental harassment from seniors in the lab or from the supervisors itself (this can be seen from recent court cases against supervisors by the students) in regular or full time PhD. In part time basis this is quite low.

7. Less expensive than regular PhD: Regular PhD’s have higher PhD course fees and other bench work expenses than part time ones.

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